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Online Marketing DNA Rolls out Local Small Business Marketing Services

Online Marketing DNA is now offering a kind of insurance policy for online success to small businesses in their local market. Profit from a competitive analysis report prior to opening your doors for business.


Bellingham, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2012 -- Online Marketing DNA (OMDNA) is once again coming to the aid of small businesses floundering in their efforts to find that elusive road map to success. Not that help, both online and offline, hasn't been available; it just hasn't been affordable. But now an invaluable guide to success can be had for a reasonable price in the form of OMDNA's competitive market analysis . With it, a business can now sidestep common mistakes, saving thousands or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Chief Marketing Strategist for OMDNA, Simon Volkov, sees the need for such a tool every day. "Most entrepreneurs are flying blind when they open a business," he says. "They don't have a clue what to do or when to do it." The competitive analysis his company provides to the client presents a kind of bird's-eye view of all that has to happen in going from point A to point B.

"The beauty of having a business online is that everything can be traced," says Volkov. "By following the money in any niche business, the owner can discover the path to success others have taken before him and then emulate the same pattern."

The idea is to generate a strategic road map based on solid research and vast amounts of data. This not only saves a huge amount of time but also enables the client to formulate an intelligent plan of attack in the online marketing war, identifying which battles to fight and which ones to avoid.

Most business owners and marketing directors know that they need to market their products and services, but they easily get overwhelmed by the complexity one sees today and the rapid evolution taking place. Social media is just the latest example of the explosive nature of the interweb.

OMDNA's new service speaks directly to this need. It is designed to prevent the client from wasting time and money needlessly. Moreover, it is tailored individually to each client's budget and income constraints.

As Volkov puts it, "Where the money is made in this game is in the research. It's the only way to devise a baseline strategy with any confidence that it will succeed."

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Online Marketing DNA (OMDNA) provides small business marketing services , including search engine optimization (SEO) and social media, to help businesses boost their online visibility and ranking. The thoroughly tested and proven system OMDNA has developed leverages technology in a manner both cost-effective and scalable.

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