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Online Marketing DNA Unleashes Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses


Bellingham, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2012 -- Online Marketing DNA (OMDNA) has now expanded their set of Internet marketing packages to include social media coaching. This gives small business owners a way to learn how to harness the power of networking to strengthen customer relations and establish a greater online presence.

“Business owners often get confused and overwhelmed by all the social media options out there,” says Simon Volkov, OMDNA founder. “Our approach is to work one-on-one with clients to help them build social networks in their specific niche.”

It seems that digital interconnectedness has infused all aspects of society today, and owners need to tap into as many channels as possible to connect with consumers. No longer are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter sufficient. Yet it is difficult for entrepreneurs to keep up.

Fortunately, social media training provides a way to improve networking mastery of even lesser known resources. And it is also the most efficient approach to get the essential understanding every business owner needs to engage with customers and create that powerful interactive presence he knows is crucial.

The first step is to develop a plan that targets the optimal social media networks for one’s marketing niche and that identifies how to invest resources and time. This is where social media marketing coaching comes in, affording owners rapid implementation and avoidance of costly pitfalls.

“Entrepreneurs who get social media training receive valuable guidance from a mentor and road map, saving them time and money,” says Volkov. “This helps them to arrive at their destination more quickly.”

OMDNA is actually offering two coaching packages. One is direct individualized coaching person-to-person and the other is social media marketing video training . Clients also have the option to enroll in both programs.

These packages are customized and designed to improve entrepreneurial networking skills so that they can convert contacts into paying customers. The personal coaching option is especially appropriate for those unfamiliar with social media and for people who desire to keep on top of ever-evolving strategies.

“Social media networking is a very powerful and affordable way to market products and services and to wage an online advertising campaign,” says Volkov. “A strong understanding of best practices is key to success.”

Everybody achieves better results with a mentor guiding him along the path of implementing proven marketing strategies. Capitalizing on social media marketing training bypasses the costly trials and tribulations of going alone. Small business owners also find this an enjoyable way to come up to speed.

OMDNA restricts the size of its clientele so that maximum attention is granted to each owner. Reserve one of the few openings soon to be available or get your name on the waiting list for later coaching sessions.

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Online Marketing DNA (OMDNA) helps businesses achieve their highest potential in gaining a strong Internet presence. Their social media coaching packages show entrepreneurs how to master online networking. Act now to take advantage of this valuable offer.

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