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Online Marketing Entrepreneur Adam Maggio Teaching Two-Hour Per Day, $1.000 a Day Strategies


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- Multi-million dollar online marketing entrepreneur Adam Maggio recently announced that he will be providing his online based business strategy to a limited number of new students via his free new video that outlines his proven three-step system. Adam, who is among the top regional sales coordinators for a multi-million dollar Fortune 500 company, decided to move his business online. Adam Maggio has been hitting multiple $1,000 days by leveraging the power of Empower Network.

Like many Americans, Adam Maggio had a difficult start in life, which led to difficulty in making ends meet and a growing frustration with his quality of life. At the age of 21, a friend suggested that he should give sales a shot. By age 24, he was at the 8th position at a major Fortune 500 company that employed more than 68,000 people. He then decided to build his own team and train them to make big bucks and within three years, he established a multimillion-dollar team at his office in NJ which won the “rookie of the year” award in 2007.

“My most recent marketing success is a direct result of what I’ve learned through Empower Network,” said Maggio. “It was the effectiveness of Empower Network’s online marketing approach that led to developing my own Internet marketing strategies that have brought me even greater financial success.”

In today’s difficult economy, people are constantly looking for the secrets of how to make money online quickly and easily. Empower Network offers the best Internet marketing training in the form of videos on practically any topic, so there is no need for anyone to tell people what they need to do. The online-based Empower Network affiliate program offers 100-percent commission to its affiliates for program referrals, provides a targeted customer base and a product that consumers want and need in order to generate leads and traffic to a blog site to produce high conversion rates and high commissions. Over the past six months, Empower Network has paid out just under $20,000,000.

While offline direct sales leaders rarely look to take their business online, Maggio realized that Empower Network’s business model would enable him to make even more money online fast. Today, using the Empower Network resources, Adam Maggio has consistently pulled in $1,000 days. “Thousands of Empower Network affiliates have achieved unprecedented success just by blogging a few hours a day after learning exactly how to do this through Empower Network’s advanced marketing strategy,” said Maggio. “I want to show others how they can join their ranks and gain the financial success they desire.” For more information, please visit http://adammaggio.com/secret-access-pr

About Adam Maggio:
Having entered direct sales at the age of 21, Adam was able to rise to the top of a billion-dollar insurance company in direct sales placing him eighth out of 68,000-plus people in three years. Having received the best Internet marketing training, he built a multimillion-dollar team in 2007 that was awarded the ‘rookie of the year’ award and he was promoted to a higher position in 2008. The multi-million dollar online marketing entrepreneur is now showing others his two-hour-per-day/$1,000-per-day Internet marketing strategy formula developed with his Empower Network training.