Online Marketing Guru Michael Baptiste Announces "Amazing Job-Quitting Income Contest"


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- Internet marketing machine Michael Baptiste launches internet marketing contest in which perspective entrepreneurs can win over $10,000 worth of marketing products and info.

Michael Baptiste, a highly-successful Internet Marketing Specialist, recently announced a revolutionary internet marketing contest on his website, Baptiste is calling it “The Amazing Job-Quitting Income Contest,” and for a few lucky young professionals it may come to be just that.

The contest is different from most internet marketing contests in that it actually requires participation. Baptiste may want his followers to get rich and quit their day jobs, but he certainly isn’t going to give them the key to the kingdom for nothing. So, rather than having a bunch of would-be entrepreneurs simply toss their name in a hat, Baptiste has devised a unique point system that will allow them to learn about internet marketing techniques by promoting the contest itself.

“It’s a genius little idea I came up with,” says Baptiste. “If you want to win, you have to promote the contest. As you promote the contest, you learn about the techniques needed to earn your own financial freedom. It’s a lot cooler than just having a random drawing.”

After a user signs up for the contest, various points are awarded for completing tasks that simultaneously promote the contest and serve as small lessons to the contestant about how create their own independent income. For instance, a user gets 100 points for liking Baptiste’s Facebook Fanpage, 100 points for subscribing to Baptiste’s YouTube Channel and 250 points for using the contest burner app on their own Facebook Page.

Other points are awarded when the user makes comments, attaches links or signs on a friend. All of these tasks are guaranteed traffic generators that Internet Marketers use every day to make money. The user gets to see how it’s done by actually doing it for someone else! Once a user accumulates 1000 points, they become eligible for a variety of prizes, all of which are high-value educational programs that will have them using the same techniques they just learned to quit their day jobs and enjoy the freedom of independent business ownership.

“I have arranged deals with some of the highest-earning Internet Marketers on the planet,” says Baptiste. “Participants will instantly get access to seminars, videos, eBooks and strategies that cost thousands, and are worth millions.”

Internet marketing strategies have been used by thousands of entrepreneurs to create financial freedom in their daily lives. Successful Internet Marketers like Baptiste have made it their business to pass these techniques along and help generate wealth for as many people as possible.

The Amazing Job-Quitting Income Contest will be run through Baptiste’s website, All a user needs to do to sign up is submit their e-mail address at the site and create a contestant account. Each account will automatically track a contestant’s progress and reward points as they are earned.

“If you’re tired of you boss and tired of your job, this is an opportunity you don’t want to pass up,” says Baptiste. “I’m offering people the tools to create a job-quitting income that will completely change their lives. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is just an e-mail away.”

About Michael Baptiste
Michael is an online marketing specialist who has helped dozens of individual and business owners meet their marketing demands. He has coached students from around the world on how to improve their marketing efforts, and experience success in this complicated marketing world. He is a leader who aspires to reach out and affect the lives and businesses of millions across the world.

Michael Baptiste
Miami, FL