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Online Marketing Princess Launches the Ultimate 5 Day Challenge for All Business Owners Wanting Online Success


Melbourne, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2013 -- Caroline Balinska AKA The Online Marketing Princess has launched her first 5 day challenge after being told by many business owners it is just too hard & expensive to have a great online presence.

She is here to prove all those people wrong! And to give small business owners the chance to see just how easy it can be when done right the first time. This challenge covers the first 5 areas all businesses need when setting up a website. It is an easy to follow, step-by-step, 5 part video series that has been designed for non-Internet experts.

Caroline is an experienced business owner and qualified marketing consultant, who has taken her offline business and marketing knowledge online. Unlike many “experts” Caroline offers real world advice and training and knows just what business owners can make time for without all the fluff.

“Even if anyone already has a website, then these 5 areas should be looked at, as if these haven’t been set up correctly then there is no point spending money on advertising! All that money will be going down the drain!!” said Caroline Balinska

Getting a great online business is about more than just the website, for instance, if anyone don’t know who their audience really is then they can’t sell to them.

With over 50% of people viewing the internet from mobile devices, there is also a need to catch these people quickly, they spend less time viewing a website as they want the information instantly, and if anyone can’t supply them with this information, then they will leave without buying from them.

Just setting up any ad is not enough, One need to think about which page of their website they are sending people and what message they want them to read.

“I constantly have business owners tell me that they paid a lot of money to have Adwords or Facebook ads set up and it didn’t work for them, so I ask some questions and find out certain things had not been set up properly for the campaign, THIS is the reason I set up this 5 day challenge, to help people stop wasting their money” responses Caroline.

Business owners can have a website that gets more leads and more sales without spending more on advertising.

“Just by implementing these 5 areas my clients have seen up to a 6 fold in real leads.” Caroline mentioned.

The bounce rate on most websites is over 50%, this means people click through to a website and leave straight away without learning more. “If anyone want to get more bang of their buck then they must create a website that people find interesting and relevant to them.” Said Caroline.

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