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Medical Education Material Provider MedCom Announces New Products

MedCom Adds Several New Online Medical Materials to Its Product Listings


Cypress, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/23/2013 -- The popular online medical training resource, MedCom, has just announced the addition of several new products. Their latest healthcare videos will expand their educational training product line and offer healthcare trainers even more great selection.

With hundreds of health education videos already on their product list, MedCom has gone the extra mile to provide even more. Their newest training offerings include several resources in the areas of gastrointestinal nursing care, infection control, long term care, medical assistant, and nursing assistant. Each of these categories includes DVD media designed to effectively and efficiently teach medical students and other healthcare related hopefuls some of the most important aspects of those disciplines. Healthcare trainers can purchase the DVDs for a one-time fee and then use them again and again for their various classes. Just to be sure they’re right for their class; trainers can actually “preview samples of over 230 MedCom videos online.”

MedCom provides only the best instructional materials, and those include everything from interactive CDs for dentists and education videos for nurses to attractive and informative print materials like nursing assistant books. Their resources have such high quality in fact, that MedCom actually won an Emmy for their work. That means your healthcare students will be entertained as they learn, which is sure to help with engagement and retention. Other education categories include Nurse Education, Home Health, Patient Education, Dental Health Team Education, and Medical Assisting. To get the most recent list of products, healthcare trainers should sign up to receive MedCom’s annual catalogue, which grows each year.

About MedCom
MedCom has been leading the industry in multi-media online medical training resources for more than 50 years now. Their courses feature award winning resources such as videos, interactive, CDs, and a variety of helpful print materials. With five regional offices and more than 500 titles to choose from, healthcare educators continue to choose MedCom for their medical training needs. For further detail please visit,