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Online Motorcycle Insurance Database Now Helps Michigan Riders Find Optional and Required Coverage

Motorcyclists in Michigan are only required to purchase basic liability coverage for pain and suffering. While exempt from No-Fault PIP insurance coverage, riders can purchase optional policies found within the Discount Motorcycle Insurance database


Detroit, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2014 -- In Michigan, motorcyclists are exempt from many insurance requirements, but Discount Motorcycle Insurance provides access to optional coverage from leading providers in the state. Motorcycle owners can quickly compare insurance policies by selecting the “Get Quote” links to insurer websites, following the forms and instructions, and choosing deeply discounted coverage that meets their exact needs.

Motorcycles are excluded from Michigan’s No-Fault law and are not considered motor vehicles in the state. This means riders, if involved in a crash, are not legally obligated to have No-Fault PIP coverage. Lack of coverage however, means stiff liabilities should one be involved in an accident.

While exempt legally, riders can purchase No-Fault insurance as an option. It covers medical benefits, wage losses, and more, but is too expensive for most motorcycle owners. Motorcycle insurance lawyers, however, recommend it for motorcyclists especially if they ride without a helmet. The online database allows them to research competitive insurance rates from leading providers such as Allstate, Progressive, and Dairyland Cycle Insurance.

PIP insurance gives riders many advantages. If they purchase this option, motorcyclists do not have to depend on Medicaid if injured in an accident. They can seek treatment in any hospital with any physician. Such coverage is important since spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries are common in biking accidents, making high-quality treatment a necessity.

Motorcycle owners can opt to purchase insurance such as uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. Under such policies, one can be legally compensated if the other driver is not insured or has insufficient coverage. It’s another beneficial type of coverage in a state where motorcycle accident injuries have been on the rise since 1999. Fatalities have increased steadily since 1997 as well.

Michigan’s statute of limitations also needs to be considered. No-Fault benefits can be filed up to one year following motorcycle accidents, while pain and suffering and economic loss claims can be filed up to three years later. Learn more about Michigan’s insurance law and affordable, comprehensive insurance coverage via the online database at

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