Online Movie Streaming Changes the Face of Cinema Going


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- The face of movie watching is changing forever, never before has there been so many different ways you can buy and watch movies. In the average home you can watch movies by satellite, by cable, on games a console such as the Wii, Xbox or PlayStation, you can also watch from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. A new breed of smart internet enabled televisions adds further to the confusion.

The latest full years figures for 2011 suggest in the USA alone over 15 billion films were streamed to internet enabled devices.

Maybe still the best way to see the latest blockbuster is a trip to the cinema, but if you are looking at ways to catch up on films and movies from home, a new website has just been launched.

This site does not offer movie downloads or movie streaming, but does do a great job of independently reviewing the ever increasing number of offerings in this crowded market.

About Watch Online Movies Hollywood
Despite the name, “Watch Online Movies Hollywood” the site does not just review ways of watching movies from the Hollywood stables. It currently has reviews of all the main movie download and movie streaming service, and the review base is growing every day.

The site is free to use and is not plastered with advertising. The site owners says our aim is to provide truly independent reviews of the various free and paid movie download and streaming services, without being under the influence of advertisers.

To check out how the service you use compares against a host of other offerings from the likes of Netflix, Amazon, ITunes Movies, Love Films, Movie Links and many others, interested folks may visit

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