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Online Pet Store Launches Unique Range of Dog Products for the Holiday Season


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2015 -- Online pet stores have caught the fancy of pet owners across the country. Last year, according to stats released by online retailers associations, pet products were the second fastest growing segment across e-commerce stores, with a 38% increase in sales compared to the previous year. It is estimated that the current turnover is set to double in the coming two years. 'Choice, Price, and Convenience are the three primary reasons why more people are moving online', says Joshua Smith, Marketing manager of

This month, the website has launched an all-new range of premium products for dogs, with the holiday season in mind. According to the site owners, regular brands of pet products are easy to find – even on the shelves of our local supermarkets. However, there are some amazing boutique manufacturers like Pet Fancy and Pet Street Mall, which are available only through a limited number of partner stores. Your Perfect Pet Needs is one such store, and they claim to have the choicest equipment for dogs of all breeds and ages. These make for great Christmas gifts for pets too.

Studies show that pet owners are spending increasing amounts on food and toys. Last year alone, cat and dog food worth a whopping $21 Billion was consumed in the USA, and this year that number is set to go higher. What's even more interesting is that in addition to amount spent on food, medication, OTC supplies, and vet visits, about $45 per pet per year is being spent on new equipment. Stuff which will keep the pet healthy and engaged is literally flying off the shelves according to Joshua. Apparel, beds and mats, carriers, cleaning products, grooming products, designer toys, and innovative designs in harnesses are all available through specialty manufacturers, with special themes and colors for Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

One of the greatest dangers we face in this country is that of obesity. Over half of our population is obese, and not strangely, about half of our pets are obese as well! Pet owners recognize this, and there are veterinarians who prescribe wholesome diets for pets which need to lose weight and get active. These products are usually available only on specialty websites. Exercise equipment that's safe for the pet is another growing market. Hygiene is another area in which the average per-pet spend is on the rise, and organic products which are tested and certified safe are great options for informed pet owners.

There are great discounts available this holiday season, and can be checked out in the deals section at