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Online Police Scanner Publishes New Guides, Reviews and Tips

Site and new guides help citizens listen in on publicly-available police, emergency communications


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- Online Police Scanner, a comprehensive resource for those interested in listening to publicly-available police and emergency personnel radio communications, announced the expansion of its coverage of the industry. The site now catalogs the whole range of options for listening to such transmissions and includes instructions and guides designed to help even less technically savvy users enjoy the ability to do so. Among the resources the site points out are some that allow visitors from anywhere in the world to listen to police broadcasts from even the smallest American towns.

"Listening to police radio communications has long been a fascinating and enlightening hobby for many people," company representative Andy Smith said, "and today, more than ever, there are an incredible number of ways to do so. We're dedicated to making it as easy as possible for people to get started and to discover new, amazingly convenient options." Surprisingly to some, the majority of police radio frequencies in North America carry conversations in the clear, largely because police departments often feel that encryption would lead to difficulties with interfacing with other agencies. This fact means that anyone equipped with an appropriate receiver can normally listen in on these broadcasts, and a variety of Internet-based services do so and rebroadcast such communications to listeners around the world. Online Police Scanner helps those interested in taking advantage of these opportunities to discover and make use of the most convenient and appropriate ways of doing so.

"With so many great mobile police scanner apps now being available," Smith continued, "those interested in these sorts of communication can now listen in virtually wherever they are. We do our utmost to point out the best-designed ones, and we've found that many of these are even available at no cost to users." Although few mobile phones are equipped with the electronics necessary for capturing police radio broadcasts, when equipped with the appropriate applications they can interface with Internet-based services which forward them from their own receivers. Smart phone users can thereby have access to real-time police communications originating virtually anywhere in the country, allowing them to listen in on law enforcement-related developments as breaking news occurs. These applications can also help them get a better feel for goings-on in their own hometowns and allow them to do so at virtually any time and place.

Online Police Scanner's collection of guides, reviews, and other resources is available to all, free of charge, at The operators of the site work to keep it as up-to-date as possible so that it accurately reflects the state of the fast-developing world of police scanner listening technology. The site is the single largest and richest resource of its sort in existence and has developed a devoted following of fans and users since opening.

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Online Police Scanner is dedicated to providing the best in educational resources relating to public access to police and emergency-responder communications. Its guides and links have helped countless visitors listen to such broadcasts on their own, and it continually updates its offerings to track the ever-evolving state of the art.