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Online Portal KOKOSHUNGSAN Is Offering Individuals Freelance Career Opportunities on Its Platform

Online marketing agency KOKOSHUNGSAN is providing extra income along with 75% commission to individuals interested in joining their team of freelance writers and sales representatives


Lancashire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2019 -- The internet has opened up an array of opportunities for people looking to make money by means of working online. Internet may be a source of entertainment and relaxation for a vast majority of people, but for some it is a place to earn some extra income. The internet offers possibility of income since everybody can join the activities and create advertising values. By and large, individuals have an equal position in participation and as long as one is contributing to it, he/she can earn from it. For a great many people, profiting through internet and working from home is a brand new territory and a unique platform to learn different things and as their knowledge develops their income increments. The most beneficial thing for individuals about earning online is that they can make good use of their spare time. Moreover, one need not have to work full-time to make money online, even devoting 3-4 hours of quality time can help them to pay their bills. One of the most reliable platforms on the internet to earn money online is online portal KOKOSHUNGSAN which offers multiple sources to individuals to make use of their talent and monetize it.

Online marketing agency KOKOSHUNGSAN is offering interested individuals to start their freelance career on its unique platform in order to earn extra income along with 75% commission. Individuals who are interested in travel can join KOKOSHUNGSAN's team of freelance writers and sales representatives which does not require any prior experience and provides the opportunity to work from home at the time of their convenience. The process to earn money through writing and being a sales representative is very much simple. Interested individuals are required to visit a local business/shop and assist them in promoting their business for free through writing articles and video marketing. People can earn rewards by encouraging the business owners to attach KOKOSHUNSAN label on their shop from for customers to view relevant information about them at kokoshungsan.net. As soon as the article is published on this website, the writer earns 5000 KOKOCoin and extra 75% commission when the business owner claims the article and each time they pays for the package.

People earning KOKOCoins by writing articles for businesses can use it to shop at KOKOSHUNGSAN or convert it into cash or utilize it for crypto currency exchange. The rate for 1000 KOKOCoin is equivalent to $1 while shopping from the website. All relevant information about this one of a kind freelance job opportunity is posted in details at https://kokoshungsan.net/sale-representative/.

KOKOSHUNGSAN is an online marketing agency offering individuals a one of a kind freelance career opportunity as a published writer and sales representative. Individuals can earn online on this platform by working from home at their time of convenience.

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