Online Printer 4OVER4.COM Analyzes the Psychology Behind Successful Packaging Design

Professional printing company 4OVER4.COM explains why size, shape, color, and element or copy placement are not random elements in product packaging, but carefully chosen details instead aimed to modify consumer behavior.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2014 -- Custom print expert 4OVER4.COM posted a new blog entry analyzing the elements that make package design successful. ‘The Psychology of Successful Packaging Design’ blog post explains why color and shape can make a difference in customer’s perceptions.

Once the target audience is identified, marketing teams make their best effort to appeal to their emotions. Making a product irresistible goes through a series of considerations, like the feeling a color evokes. While blue logos provide a sense of confidence, yellow evokes fun.

4OVER4.COM uses classic brands as examples, their consistent colors and packages make them recognizable, even without having the brand name present. Snack bags for instance, use bright colors and tasty images to ensure they will be easily spotted at any store. It is argued that unique wine labels addresses more than a packaging need, but, instead become a branding strategy.

The post also mentions how small packages are usually thought to contain better products, based on Science Direct statistics. The research quoted, shows that customers claim the same soda tastes different according to package size.

Allowing customers to have sensory experiences prior to purchase is encouraged. Using a blanket as an example, the blog post explains how context of use helps customers make a quicker purchase decision.

4OVER4.COM is a leading provider of high quality custom products. A wide range of packaging and branding solutions is available on the company website, and further enquiries can be made to qualified agents at 718-932-2700. The New York printer launched a digital printing division in Poland, offering premium products, such as business cards and flyers (in Polish: Ulotki).

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