Online Printing Authority 4OVER4.COM Launches Sister Site in Poland - "Drukarnia Internetowa WWW.WYDRUKUJ.EU"

Leading U.S. online printer 4OVER4.COM has launched a sister site in Poland – one of the first online printing sites of its kind in Poland and Eastern Europe as a whole. "Drukarnia Internetowa www.wydrukuj.eu" is the latest and best quality online printing website in Poland providing professional printing products and services through a world-class Internet platform.


Long Island, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2013 -- Poland is fast becoming a first-line investment destination for businesses in Europe and the rest of the world in view of its impressive economic performance and sociopolitical statistics – the fastest growing economy in the EU and Central Europe’s largest economy, vibrant market of over 40 million people, as well as a stable political climate and standard infrastructure including transportation, utilities, power and Internet.

4OVER4.COM, already a leading printing provider in the United States, seized the opportunity to branch out to Poland and the region by opening a sister site – HTTP://WWW.WYDRUKUJ.EU in the country.

Businesses in Poland and the region can now take advantage of the latest fully-featured web printing platform in Poland HTTP://WWW.WYDRUKUJ.EU to conveniently, professionally, and affordably print over 20 categories of quality business products including business cards (Polish: wizytowki), brochures (Polish: ulotki), calendars (Polish: kalendarze), posters (Polish: plakaty), leaflets, letterheads, notebooks, and banners among other items.

Customers using http://www.wydrukuj.eu for the first time will also enjoy a 20% first time discount on their printing orders.

As one of the first printers (Polish: drukarnia) of its kind in Poland and Eastern Europe, the new platform provides a world-class interface for conveniently accessing high quality printing services and is equipped with features such as easy, clean and interactive web design, free online card builder (easily design your printing jobs for free online), social media sign-in (sign in with Facebook), as well as fast and easy online ordering and home or office delivery.

Wydrukuj.eu customers can access a platform providing thousands of pre-designed templates to easily customize and design their own products free of charge, and the online ordering platform allows them to conveniently order online and have their printing jobs delivered to their doorsteps by the deadline.

Wydrukuj.eu also provides environmentally-responsible green printing with organic inks and earth-friendly printing methods for professional products that are cautiously made to perfection.

Get started right away and take advantage of the 20% first time discount by visiting Wydrukuj.eu online. Any questions or comments? Contact WYDRUKUJ.EU 24-hr customer support service on kontakt@wydrukuj.eu or call +48 (22) 3988320 (M – F, 10am – 5pm).

One of the first world-class online printing platforms in Poland and Eastern Europe, WYDRUKUJ.EU allows businesses and printing customers in the region to easily, safely and affordably print over 20 categories of professional printing products including business cards (Polish: wizytowki), brochures (Polish: ulotki), calendars (Polish: kalendarze), posters (Polish: plakaty) among others. Enjoy features such as interactive web design, social media sign-in, fast online ordering, and speedy home and office delivery when you print online with WYDRUKUJ.EU.

About 4OVER4.COM
4OVER4.COM is the leading online printing provider in the U.S. and is widely recognized as the “Online Printing Authority”. 4OVER4.COM leads the way with over 40 professional printing products served through its world-class online printing platform. Known for quality printing delivered at affordable rates, 4OVER4.COM also sets an example with socially-responsible green printing using organic inks and earth-friendly printing techniques. 4OVER4.COM has recently launched a sister site in Poland - WYDRUKUJ.EU – to serve countries in the region.