Online Psychic Readings Becoming Quite Popular

Get your future predicted and solve problems with the help of a psychic, online!


Hamilton, Scotland -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2013 -- Psychics have always maintained some amount of charm for people, which can be proved through the website, This website has launched online psychic reading services for people. As a part of this service, people will be able to pick the psychic they want and get a reading done by them.

There are three steps, as enumerated by the website itself. First and foremost, one would have to pick the psychic reader that they like the best. Second, they have to choose their method of payment (the psychic reading is charged per minute, and the money will be directly charged to one’s phone bill). Once this is done, they can just call the psychic hotline number at the given rate ($1.02 per hour, network extras would be additional). Or, people could choose to pay by their credit card or debit card first, and just call the psychic of their choice for free. The third psychic reading option is to get it delivered online itself.

The third step follows the decisions taken in the second step. Once the person has figured out whether they are calling them on the free number, the paid number or just contacting them online, they have to enter the chosen psychic’s PIN number on the space provided and they will be able to get in touch with the psychic.

The website also provides new customers with special offers. All they have to do is to provide their email address in the homepage, under the category of new customers. Once they have done this, they will only be charged £0.60 for the first ten minute of the credit card call. After the first ten minutes are done, they will be charged £1.00 a minute.

Psychic readings are quite common and they are becoming more popular with the advent of the internet. The website has a large range of psychics, ranging from clairvoyants and medium to those who read tarots and runes or those who follow the Eastern meditation patterns. All of them are specialists and while picking the psychic, one has lot options available. The reading that one gets would depend on the psychic and the kind of reading they perform.

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