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Soul Psychics the First Online Psychic Website to Offer Real Path of the Soul Destiny Card Email Psychic Readings

Real Path of the Soul Destiny Card Readings – Soul Psychics is the first psychic website to offer the real deal – no computerized applications or programs here!


Iroquois Falls, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2012 -- Many people are familiar with the beautiful yet deeply resounding Facebook app created by Cheryl Lee Harnish Path of the Soul Destiny Reading Application.

Well, Soul Psychics is proud to announce that we now offer REAL Path of the Soul Card email psychic readings; all of which are lovingly performed by expert psychic Lisa Caza in her usual way: all intuitive including the drawing of each card. After some research, Soul Psychics has learned that we are THE VERY FIRST PSYCHIC SITE on the internet to offer these particular readings … at least in the sense that an actual clairvoyant reader and expert psychic will be performing them instead of an online application.

All email psychic readings will include images of each card (as a person may receive even further insight upon meditating on the cards themselves), as well as Lisa Caza’s usual clairvoyantly-received messages from Spirit and interpretations.

The first three of the four psychic email readings are already available for purchase on the main Soul Psychics‘ website. However, please keep in mind that these particular readings are geared specifically for your own personal spiritual guidance and empowerment.

See a sample “Soul Path Inquiry Email Psychic Reading” by Lisa Caza using the Path of the Soul Destiny Fractal Art Cards.

See below a video about these VERY special cards and fractal art imagery created by the author of this deck. She explains how our Higher Selves and subconscious minds interact with fractals, what fractal art really is, etc. Scientists call fractal art the thumbprint of God.

Youtube video:

Read more about Fractal Energy Art and the Path of the Soul Destiny Cards.

Get your own psychic email reading by expert psychic Lisa Caza here:

About Soul Psychics and Expert Psychic Reader Lisa Caza
The mission and online presence of Soul Psychics is to provide individuals with the most ethical, compassionate, accurately detailed online psychic readings at the lowest possible cost. We are one of the very few psychic websites that does not profit in any way financially for our psychic reading services. ALL of the fees that are charged for our psychic readings go directly to the funding of the website itself: it’s upkeep, hosting, marketing, etc. Any surplus that may be seen in any given month thereafter is sent to Lisa Caza’s favorite charities at year’s end. Soul Psychics offers Psychic Pet Animal Readings, Past Life Readings, Animal Totem Readings, Spirit Guide Readings, Psychic Love and/or Relationship Readings, Career Readings, and Intuitive Tarot Readings. We have both live telephone readings as well as email psychic readings that are delivered directly to your in-box. And all of our live telephone psychic readings and email psychic readings are competitively-priced in comparison to many other psychic websites that you will in fact see around.

Lisa Caza is quite well-known for her honest - sometimes even blunt clairvoyant readings, but at the same time her in-depth and accurate services are always full of love, wisdom, and compassion for each of her clients. Lisa has been a professional psychic reader for 20 years now. She has appeared on numerous popular psychic websites such as Mystic Playground, Psychic Link, and Psychic Contact., and is a senior psychic reader and customer service manager at Global Psychics. Aside from her profession as an expert psychic reader, Lisa is also an experienced relationship counselor and social worker, and has even further extensive experience in Canadian Family Law and child protection. Lisa also uses her knowledge in developmental/behavioral psychology in all of her psychic readings - which can oftentimes assist clients in gaining a much deeper understanding and perspective into not only perhaps their own ways of thinking and behaviors, but also those of their significant others, co-workers, friends and loved ones.