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Online Reputation Management Experts Reputation Champ Expand Website's Education Pages


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2012 -- In an effort to explain why businesses should understand the essential need for online reputation management, Reputation Champ has added vital new information pages to their website to provide educational perspective for businesses. The company’s services are expertly repairing, monitoring, and building of online reputations for businesses and individuals.

While online reputation management is essential for all businesses, many are unaware of its importance until their reputation is damaged from negative postings. In an effort to provide the needed educational information to businesses, Reputation Champ has expanded their website information pages to provide businesses with detailed information on why and how managing their online reputation is the key to their bottom line and growth. “Our goal is greater understanding that encourages them to sit down with a reputation management expert and discuss the imperative of taking control of their online reputation,” said Reputation Champ Co-Founder Ryan Dowd.

The new detailed reputation management information pages discuss the role of positive reviews, eliminating negative reviews as well as constant expert web monitoring for negative results, and the role of SEO. Readers will also learn why it is much more inexpensive and beneficial for companies to build and manage their online reputation before anything bad happens.

The Reputation Champ Internet reputation repair service suppresses negative content from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask.com quickly and permanently, replacing it with positive content about the client business. The company guarantees creation and ranking of at least 10 positive assets on the first three pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing within the first 90 days of a repair plan start date or the client can cancel the service and receive a 100-percent refund.

The company utilizes client-controlled web properties as an essential part of online reputation management as well as social media monitoring to track comments about a client. They then manage the responses, remove erroneous content and send legal warnings for defamation when necessary.

After gathering the keywords a client wants to control and performing their own keyword analysis to find what other searches result in negative content, Reputation Champ then creates positive content with the client’s help. This is then utilized to replace the negative content in search result and disseminated through online news, blogs, profiles, social media, posts, and custom websites.

The new content’s popularity is boosted via backlink and social media reinforcement as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) techniques. With years of experience in SEO, Reputation Champ can manage all aspects including link building, content for blog articles, press release submission, and social bookmarking.

With Reputation Champ’s Online Reputation and Social Media Monitor dashboard, clients can create unlimited searches running 24 hours a day with email alerts when a match is found. The company offers a free opportunity to try their services for 30 days while their flexible plans start at just $99 with no startup fee. For more information, please visit http://reputationchamp.com/

About Reputation Champ
Reputation Champ is an Internet reputation management company that provides expert repair, monitoring, and building of online reputations. Their services include suppressing negative content and promoting positive content on search engines as well as monitoring reviews, ratings, and social websites like Facebook and Twitter. Reputation Champ's focus is to protect a company’s reputation so that the results can be measured by more clients and increased profitability.