Internet Reputation Management and Online Reputation Repair Services


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2012 -- There are undoubtedly dozens of factors which come into play when it becomes a question of being a successful business owner, yet there is one which stands above all others: reputation. Regardless of how one is to spin this, reputation is what keeps the whole ship afloat; if a business owner garners a bad reputation nobody is going to do business with them, regardless of what they have to offer. While in the past it was possible to keep negative information from propagating, in this day and age ruled by the internet, few things are ever lost or forgotten; a few bad reviews can stick with unfortunate business owners for years and years, preventing them from earning what they should be.

And so what solution is there for those who were victims of bogus comments for which their competitors were responsible? Well, despite the internet still being a bit like the Wild West, there are online reputation repair and management companies. While there aren't many companies around to choose from, there is one which has been elected time and time again as the best by its customers: Reputation Champ.

And so what does Reputation Champ do to be the best in this kind of business? Well, for starters they offer the complete package in terms of services: reputation repair, online reputation management, social monitoring and reputation building. But how exactly do they clean up their client's reputations? After all, it's not like they have the authority to go around and delete whichever comments displease them.

Well, here is how their online reputation repair service works. First off, it has to be accepted that a certain amount of negative content is always going to exist on the internet; nothing can be done about it, at least for now. In any case, while the content cannot really be deleted arbitrarily, it can be de-popularized and pushed further away into the archives in favor of positive content. This is precisely what Reputation Champ does; they use the latest SEO (search engine optimization) and SMO (social media optimization) techniques in order to promote the positive content, subsequently pushing negative content below it. They keep track of the positive and negative content through four search engines (even though they concentrate on Google mostly, they also keep track of Bing, Yahoo and

Once their reputation has been repaired, a business owner can choose to keep using Reputation Champ's services in the form of monitoring and management. In other words, the company has services which consist of keeping track of any content posted in relation to one's name or company. This means that if someone prints a negative content about a company, the business owner will know about it relatively soon, giving him or her the opportunity to see if the comment is bogus, and have it removed if necessary before it does any damage. Also, as mentioned before, they have a variety of services which look to improve one's online reputation after it has been repaired.

All in all, the services offered by Reputation Champ in terms of online reputation repair, management and monitoring are light years ahead of what other companies offering. Anyone can have a more in-depth look at the services they are offering by simply heading over to their main website at