Online Retail Expert Reveals the Advantages of Using the Airhead Towable Water Tubes


Traverse City, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2014 -- With summer fast approaching, millions will be heading to their favorite lakes, rivers and oceans and they most likely will be taking a towable water tube with them. There are many types of towable water tubes on the market, but an expert in the field has just revealed the advantages of the Airhead inflatable tube. According to this expert, the Airhead brand of inflatable tube stands above its competitors based on the quality of the product and positive customer satisfaction surveys.

Any discussion of inflatable water tubes has to start with the fact that there are many brands and types available on the market. Faced with this situation, shoppers often have a difficult time choosing which tube to buy and that’s where experts who have fully researched the topic come in handy. This recent review of the Airhead inflatable and towable water tubes reveals that the Airhead brand is considered superior because of the material they are made from. Each tube is made from heavy-gauge PVC bladders and 840 denier nylon covers. This allows each tube to be incredible durable and the flexibility of the material allows Airhead to create tubes in many different shapes and sizes. In fact the many shapes of the Airhead inflatable water tubes include round, U-shaped, hexagonal, and even slightly rectangula.

For the expert who agreed to speak about the Airhead products, the ability to shape their tubes into many different shapes and sizes is key to the company’s success. Their shapes are more streamlined than other brands and that makes for a smoother and more enjoyable ride over the water.

Perhaps most helpful to consumers is the discussion about the many different Airhead products and a suggestion as to which ones are best. Just as there are many different brands of towable water tubes, there are also many different products under the Airhead brand. For this particular expert, the best choices include the Viper 2, Hexanity 2-person, the Airhead Slide and Matrix towables, Hot Shot, Transformer, Slash II, Hot Dog and 12 Rebel Tube.

J. McPhee
Traverse City, MI