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Online Seo Company Launches New Affordable Seo Plans


Massarosa, Lucca -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2015 -- With the main aim of providing customers with inexpensive Search Engine Optimization has launched new plans that will interest every business looking to enhance their online presence. According to a senior staff of the website, "The new plans will be offered in three packages namely Silver, Platinum, and Gold. The silver plan has been fixed at €150 while the gold plan is priced at €250 and €400 for the platinum package. All these rates are inclusive of the value added tax."

"All the plans will come with more than 10 features that will help any company improve their net ranking and position in Google search engine", stated the representative. He also affirmed that in order to deliver the most efficient service they will provide SEO experts who will be helping the clients choose the keyword as desired through a step by step guide. He assured that through this step clients can earn hundreds of positions during research.

The representative also commented, "We as an online SEO company has been a trusted brand for many years for our clients and they have always been happy and satisfied with our services. We would absolutely want to carry on the positive work and keep garnering new audience as well."

Sources say that the company constantly receives good feedbacks and reviews from clients. One of their happy customers once commented, " definitely did an excellent job when we ordered one of their plans. We received more than what we had expected and are very pleased with the results. We will certainly contact the company in the future as well."

Most of their clients were impressed with the level of service and the efficiency with which their pledges were executed. One of the company's primary goals is gaining the support of the people they serve through reasonable pricing and reliable SEO services.

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Primi su Google is a website specializing in SEO marketing and related services. The company is based in Italy and has over 15 years of experience in the field of providing customized solution to online companies regarding their Google ranking, advertising, content management, etc.

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