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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2012 -- According to, online holiday sales for 2012 are expected to reach $43.4 billion. Mobile devices and social networks drive sales as they are increasingly used to find and buy desired items. Oliver Allen of Online SEO Mall emphasizes the importance of SEO optimization to increase website traffic. "The Internet is only expected to grow and each business needs to ensure their site is easily found to capture their portion of these online sales."

Online sales, according to, are expected to make up 10% of sales during the last two months of 2012. "The sooner a site is optimized, the sooner traffic will increase. Our team of talented, responsible and motivated professionals is dedicated to providing each client with the best services at the best prices with the ultimate goal being to optimize the client's website for maximum traffic. Projects are started within 24 hours with the goal being to rank the website faster," Oliver Allen states. Depending on the service selected, projects are completed within two to 15 days and services start as low as $4.49, making Online SEO Mall affordable for even small businesses when first starting out."

"To increase traffic, a company needs to get backlinks. The type of backlink is important also and one service our company offers is .EDU backlinks. Blog comments are helpful along with social bookmarks and more. For an additional fee, one can choose .GOV backlinks, directory submissions and more. It's all a matter of what a company wants and needs. Our professionals can help each company determine which items will benefit them the most," Mr. Allen continues.

Online SEO Mall is always growing and employing new specialists. The Internet is rapidly developing and companies must keep up which is why Online SEO Mall professionals are always learning. Expensive software is used and produces, technologies and techniques are continuously updated to ensure clients stay ahead of competitors. "Rather than following trends, our company dedicates itself to setting them and we constantly work to ensure each client receives the best and latest to improve their market share," Mr. Allen goes on to say.

"The importance of SEO optimization should never be discounted," Mr. Allen exclaims. "As the Internet constantly evolves, SEO techniques must also to keep up with the times. Our company ensures that each client website is maintained and new techniques are used to stay ahead of the pack. Doing so ensures clients see increased traffic in the shortest period of time and they won't pay a fortune for these results."

About Online SEO Mall
Online SEO Mall provides SEO services for great low prices and they accomplish this in three ways: honesty, optimization and innovation. This company does not resell SEO services. They have the experience needed to complete the job right and the experience to do so at great low prices due to the volume of clients that can be handled. Although large volumes of clients are handled by the firm, SEO Online Mall is reliable at all times so a client can trust that the SEO tasks are being handled properly and in the time frame promised.