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Online Service Helps Shoppers Find the Best Deal for Online Fax

FAXAGE, the value leader in internet fax, offers clients a way to find the best deal for online faxing, through a pricing plan tool available on


Englewood, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2012 -- Clients can utilize this tool simply by entering the type of fax number necessary (local or toll-free), then entering the amount of inbound and outbound minutes desired per month. Once this information is entered, FAXAGE will instantly recommend the most cost-effective internet fax plan for their client’s unique needs.

FAXAGE offers low cost, month-to-month, and no contract internet fax services. Its pricing plan tool easily connects clients to the most appropriate and cost-effective internet fax plan for them. FAXAGE offers service plan types based upon individual, business, high volume, carrier and enterprise needs.

Among the many available options, plans include: The Lite Plan - at $3.49 per month, this plan allows clients the choice of local or toll-free fax numbers and the option to pay only for what is actually used at 5 cents a minute. The Professional Plan - at $7.95 per month, allows clients the choice of local or toll-fee fax numbers, plus 600 minutes (300 inbound and 300 outbound) of faxing each month included.

If a client exceed the 600 minutes, a low 5 cent per minute overage rate applies. For heavy outgoing use, the company offers ‘Unlimited’ or ‘Toll-free Unlimited Outbound’ Plans - at $64.95 per month, clients can fax up to 5000 minutes. Whatever the best plan for the client, FAXAGE’s pricing plan tool can zero in on the most advantageous plan for clients in need of low cost internet fax services.

The pricing plan tool can be accessed by prospective clients on FAXAGE’s internet fax pricing page

FAXAGE is owned and operated by EC Data Systems, Inc. EC Data Systems is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company located in Denver, Colorado.

The company supplies a value-leading - best price for performance - outsourced Internet Fax solution called FAXAGE. EC Data Systems is focused on providing outstanding service at reasonable prices to the small and medium business segment.

FAXAGE provides unique value to SMB's through its fully multi-user design, competitive pricing, and multiple integration methods including web site, email and API. The service strives to be the recognized value leader by offering the best balance of price, quality, performance and features in its space.