Beardhead Returns

Online Shop Wows Customers with Its Unique Selections


Welling, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2014 --, an online shop that sells knitted caps in the United Kingdom, has just released their newest lines dubbed as the 2015 collection and the specialty collection. These collections are unique to this online shop and cannot be found anywhere else on the internet.

Beard Head’s 2015 collection currently has 7 designs while their specialty collection currently has 11 designs. Beard hat selections for 2015 have prices ranging from £19.99 to £24.99 while the specialty collection has prices ranging from £5.99 to £39.99. The 2015 collection features designs that can be worn for everyday use. These designs are intended to bring a smile to a person’s morning because of their wackiness. There are also designs that make use of neutral colors and can therefore be worn over any attire.

On the other hand, the specialty collection features designs that follow a unique theme. Examples of such designs include the Barbarian Knight and the Trapper Barbarian. Other designs in this line are shared with the 2015 collection. The uniqueness of these hats with beard ensures every wearer that he/she will stand out in the crowd. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, these beard hats can also be worn to protect the face during cold weather. The hat ensures that the head will be warm while the beard ensures that the chin, cheeks, and lips will be warm.

About Beard Head
Beard Head was conceived in 2006 and formally opened their doors to the public in 2007. However, it was only in the year 2009 when the company opened their first store in the United Kingdom. The company is one of the few companies that offer a knitted hat that is partnered with a massive beard. Although this may seem ridiculous, the company backed up this idea with the fact that the beard is able to keep most of the face warm. This makes these accessories useful for people who like the cold outdoors.

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