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Lucca, Tuscany -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2013 -- Online Stores 5 announces launch of its new website which is a shopping guide with a list of the best shopping sites available for online shoppers. Customers are often confused as to which shopping site to choose for getting the best deals. They go through many websites, compare prices, checkout the deals and coupon codes. All these activities consume a lot of time and yet most of the customers are unhappy with their purchases. This is because they do not know how to choose a genuine shopping site. Here at customers will be guided to the best shopping sites.

These online stores are listed based upon their rankings, real reviews by customers who have made purchases through those stores, the number of visitors to the sites and so on. This site is also beneficial for the online stores in a way that when customers write reviews about their shopping sites, the same are viewed by new customers or new visitors. These reviews guide them towards the best site. Apart from that the number of hits, votes, Google page rank and Alexa are the factors that help websites gain popularity. However, not all are similar to real customer reviews.

Customer reviews are free and genuine and they cannot be compared to the advertising methods that are paid. All that the websites have to do is to encourage customers to provide reviews on their purchases, products or services. These genuine reviews will help other visitors make purchases from a site which offers better, good or satisfactory shopping experiences. These reviews will also help the shopping sites understand their areas of development through negative reviews and work on them and improve their standard of services. Businesses can now submit their online businesses with onlinestores5 and get the most genuine ranking and be the top amongst the very few listed shopping sites.

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Online Stores 5, is a site that guides the online shoppers towards the selective but best online stores. Visitors would also find shoppers’ reviews so that they can have a pleasurable shopping experience. The site does not offer random links for the visitors. These links are based on the rankings that each of the sites gets due to a variety of visitors, shoppers and consumers browsing and purchasing through their shopping sites.

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