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Online Store Offers Finest Quality Cigars with Budget Friendly Price


Provo, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2014 -- Recent reports show that people who smoke cigars indicate more than the fact that they are smoking. A top level lifestyle magazine has indicated that smoking of cigar is a mark of class, wealth and sophistication. It shows a sign of good breeding on the side of the smoker. In the earlier days, it was only the wealthy and the aristocratic who could afford to smoke cigars.

Today, nothing much has changed especially when it comes smoking for cigars. It is a very rare case that an average income person is seen smoking top quality cigars. As a matter of fact, even today, after much economic and social emancipation, cigars are still limited to the wealthy and the classy. Sure, sellers do not restrict their customers, but the problem lies in the fact that not many can afford to buy top quality cigars. People may try it every once in a while but when it comes to habitual smoking, it is only limited to the wealthy. Thanks to the affordable plan launched by the online store, now even an average income person can afford to be a habitual smoker.

Customers can buy cigars at unbelievably low rates. People today can enjoy the great tasting cigars with only a fraction more than the low quality, ordinary cigarettes. From the humble Honduran to the best quality Havana, the site offers all at rates that are lower than the price that the other sites offer.

The online has been servicing the taste of thousands of customers, offering a delivery service that is free of taxes. Customers can get some of the finest brands of Habanos at this site. Habitual smokers can also enjoy great deals with the site’s bulk discount offer. Here, the percentage of discount increases as the quantity of products bought increases. Therefore, customers who buy more get better discounts.

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Getcigar is an online shop based in Spain, that sells the finest quality cigars at affordable price. The site also offers delivery service that is free of taxes.

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