Online Surveys Just Got Smarter


Eagan, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2012 -- Information from a survey has to be reliable for the results to be any good. Until now there has been no quick, efficient, and inexpensive way to gauge the accuracy of survey information.

A new technology lets users assess the overall reliability of their survey without having to invest in expensive statistics software. is the first and only online survey company to offer survey reliability software at reasonable prices.

“We can’t guarantee results you want in a survey, but we can guarantee that our software can help you determine how good the information is on your survey. That’s what sets us apart from the others,” said Dr. Don Easton-Brooks, CEO of . “We can also guarantee Relicheck won’t break your bank account.”


With a convenient one-page interface, customers easily create, manage and organize their surveys. Users don’t have to wade through several pages and links to set their survey up. Customers can create a survey, a quiz or a form. This questionnaire can be delivered online, through social media, or on an iPad. is especially useful for reaching a larger audience. Log into any time once a survey is launched and get the current results and get a reliability report in real-time.

“Knowing how much trust to put in your data is critical,” Dr. Easton-Brooks said. “If the data gives you helpful information, then you need to know this, so you can act on your results. If the data you collected represents un-helpful information, you need to know this, so you can take steps to get helpful information instead. provides you solutions, so that you can get results you can use.”


Customer service is key. If you don’t take care of your customer, someone else will. So, exactly how well are you taking care of your customers? Surveys are a great way to gauge reactions, opinions and get ideas on ways to improve your products or services, but not all surveys are created equal. Not all survey websites are created equal either.

“When you survey your customers, you need to know how much trust to put in your results. gives you the tools you need to do just that,” Dr. Easton-Brooks said. “You can use our surveys to see how your customer service is doing and check your customer’s opinions, attitudes and beliefs. This is a gold mine of marketing information every business needs.”


Surveys are a prime way to gather information for studies, research, and reports. Teachers, educators, and psychometricians will find’s survey tools and simple interfaces a time and money-saving way to get the feedback they need.

“In this age of accountability, teachers and researchers must rely on information from surveys that are quality and produce accurate results.” said Dr. Easton-Brooks. “Only gives professionals in the educational field a way to check their data at a cost that today’s tight educational budgets can afford.”

“Generally, statisticians need to know the reliability of their survey results. They have to have accurate information to produce accurate reports. Only gives the surveyor a reliability report so they know how much trust to put in their data,” Dr. Easton-Brooks said.

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