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Online Taxman Offering "5 Easy Steps" Program for Handling Expat Taxes


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2013 -- The Online Taxman, an accounting firm specializing in U.S. expatriate taxes, is offering clients better access to its Expat Tax Services through its user-friendly “5 Easy Steps” program. Details of the program are available on the homepage of

Clients are directed to begin by signing up for a free consultation, which can be done promptly by telephone or an on-site form. The second step entails uploading the relevant tax information, while the following step consists of the company’s Certified Public Accountants (CPA) completing the client’s tax work. The taxes are then filed electronically, which is faster and more effective than the conventional manner, after which clients are told their fifth step is “Don’t Worry. Be Happy”, reflecting the Online Taxman’s affable approach to its services.

These concise steps are intended to expedite the tax filing process, which is typically a complex and time-consuming approach. Such a streamlined approach reflects the Online Taxman’s explicit dedication to delivering personalized and convenient tax assistance to U.S. expatriates around the world.

The complexity of the United States tax system, especially as it pertains to American citizens and companies that based abroad, makes such services crucial and highly sought after. The Online Taxman has long aimed to be one of the leading resources on tax assistance, particularly in the area of Expat Taxes.

As opposed to similar firms that provide generic tax assistance, the Online Taxman specializes strictly in this area, which maximizes the efficiency and affordability of its services. Online Taxman is explicitly committed to streamlining and personalizing its tax assistance.

The company’s diverse team of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and other tax experts provide 75 years of collective experience, and offer wide range of services, including: US Tax Return Preparation for expatriates, residents and non-residents with US interests; preparation of past years returns, back taxes and arrangement of payment plans/offers in compromise with the IRS; formal response letters and acting liaison to the IRS; representation on audits and being an active agent in the US on the behalf of foreign residents; tax planning services and consultations on secondment package, totalization agreements and other issues arising from a clients decision to move abroad; and much else.

About Online Taxman
Founded in New York City, the company assists clients worldwide, operating in over 100 countries. In addition to strongly positive client testimonials, it’s been featured in such media sources as, Woman’s Day, Mashable, and Consumer’s Digest.