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Quincy, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2014 -- According to IMI Group, a media, software development and marketing Firm, those who had skepticism about online marketing have been proved wrong because companies that choose to adopt purposeful and wise online marketing methods are able to get better results than those who still stick to traditional techniques. IMI Group points out that advertising through banners online is not only popular but can be very effective as well. They say that this strategy is cost effective as well as hassle-free because companies can reach hundreds of thousands of potential clients through well-made and well placed banners.

Banners have proved to be a powerful tool for getting a good traffic to the sites of businesses, says IMI Group. But at the same time, some businesses are able to see very good results with this strategy while the results of a few others are far from satisfactory, they point out. According to IMI Group, companies that do not get positive results from this strategy should make use of this promotional tool more judiciously.

That is the reason they are offering the Logic Banner Services. The Logic Banner service is a rotating banner service in which the banners of companies are rotated amongst an internal network of website partners to provide maximum exposure.

IMI Group points out that businesses should not forget that their competitors are taking huge strides towards advertising their business, therefore they cannot afford to keep waiting. Companies have to take incessant action for promoting their sites in order to market their products or services. If they cite reasons like paucity of time or limited financial resources and fail to take the right promotional efforts, they cannot sustain in their field. IMI Group says that they are offering another cost-effective service known as Virtual Business Profile service for helping these businesses get positive results for their promotional efforts.

IMI Group mentions that the Virtual Business Profile service they offer is a listing service. They urge businesses to opt for this service because once they give authorization, IMI Group will initiate actions to list them on a website called The listing will contain valuable business information about the companies such as hours of operation, industry, relevant keywords, Media, qr code and much more. IMI Group assures companies that this listing service will help them gain more exposure that may go a long way in promoting their business.

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IMI Group is a media, software development and marketing firm. They are now offering two cost-effective services to help business gain more exposure, the Logic Banner Service and the Virtual Business Profile Service.

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