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Online Training Course Aims to Relieve Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Video-based training course helps people to alleviate PTSD burdens


Rustington, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2014 -- For PTSD sufferers, there is little that could possibly be more debilitating than the chronic psychological and emotional torment. Realizing this and wanting to help, therapist, Andrew T. Austin, has compiled his PTSD-relieving methods into an easily accessible online video-based training course.

The video materials are readily available from a website that only requires a one-time membership fee of $47, which should be compared to traditional training methods that at times cost thousands of dollars. For many users, such as PTSD sufferer, John, the joining fee has proven to be priceless: “The [$47] price to join is so worth it. As one who experiences quite chronic PTSD and one who has comprehensively searched for effective ways to address it, and having spent a little time now going through this program, I struggle to put a price on what membership to this site is worth.”

However, it’s not only sufferers of PTSD who are benefiting from Austin’s training course, therapists such as Michael Arn are also learning new techniques and gaining insight on how to better help their own patients, “I’ve been testing many of his ideas about how to treat trauma on my heavy caseload and have seen great results. I and my company have spent thousands of dollars on training programs that fail miserably in comparison to Andrew’s PTSD program.”

Covering many aspects of PTSD, Austin’s course helps sufferers and therapists learn techniques for dealing with trauma, better understand the structure of the traumatic experience, deal with problematic emotions, and even nocturnal disturbances such as nightmares. For more information on the training course, visit

About Andrew T. Austin
Andrew T. Austin is a therapist and international speaker and trainer on mental health treatment and issues faced by sufferers of mental health crisis.