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Fremont, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- According to a 2003 Computer Industry Almanac report, of the 76.2 million PCs in use that year, more than four million lost data due to hardware failure, human error, software corruption, computer viruses, theft, and hardware destruction. Over the past ten years, this number has likely increased significantly as the number of computers in use has grown over the years. "To ensure data isn't lost when an issue occurs, users need to have an online backup solution and many turn to Carbonite for this purpose," Steve Stephens of states.

Unprotected businesses run the risk of putting themselves out of business if they don't make use of a backup service. The National Archives and Records Administration, located in Washington, D.C., states 93 percent of businesses which have lost data and files for ten days or longer end up filing for bankruptcy within a one year period. Fifty percent of these businesses file for bankruptcy in a very short period of time. Another study from the University of Texas found this to be the case also. "Every business owner needs to ensure they have protection in place in the event of a catastrophic data loss and Carbonite offers this protection. Visit to learn more about this problem and how it can be prevented," Mr. Stephens goes on to say.

Home computers require protection also. Families use computers for many things, from downloading music files and photos to completing school projects. Precious memories or school projects, once gone, may be lost forever, but Carbonite prevents this from happening. "Ensure your memories and important files are safeguarded at all times with the help of this software program. shares my family's personal experience with the program while offering tips and strategies to get the most for your money," Mr. Stephens declares.

Individuals and businesses may be concerned about finances and eliminate their backup service as a result. "To save money, individuals and businesses need to make use of the Carbonite offer code featured on This promo, available at, offers significant savings off the cost of the service. Everyone appreciates saving money and this is an easy way to do so," according to Mr. Stephens.

Steve Stephens, founder of, learned of the great value that Carbonite provides after first using this software program in 2009. Since then, Mr. Stephens has installed the software program on five different computing devices. Carbonite backup solution provides Mr. Stephens the security and peace of mind he needs as all of his familiy's important and valuable personal and business files remain protected at all times. provides information and first-hand feedback on Carbonite, practical tips and updates, offers codes to save money and more. To learn more about Carbonite and what the program offers, visit today. Mr. Stephens continuously updates the site to reflect his insights and experiences with online backup solutions.