Launches First Video Course Along with Downloadable Content

With easy lessons, students gain motivation as they approach bass guitar lessons for first time reports


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2015 -- Taking up guitar lessons has been shown to be a beneficial activity for individuals of all ages according to industry experts. Typically, it's easier to allow children to take up the hobby at a younger age when they are more open minded, haven't developed bad habits in need of re-learning and are still at a point where they approach new ideas with enthusiasm. Furthermore, they generally have no pre-conceived ideas about music or practicing. However, for adults, the biggest question when approaching guitar lessons becomes whether they should take on bass lessons or conventional guitar lessons.

For those considering the big question, a number of considerations should play into the decision-making process, including whether or not the student ultimately plans on playing in a band or not, or going professional, as statistics indicate bass players are in greater demand than traditional guitar players. With this in mind, Hugh Richardson, spokesperson for, has recently announced the launch of their very first video course at

Confirms Richardson, "We will be releasing several teaser YouTube videos along with some exclusive downloadable content on the website itself. The first video we have is a short slap bass tutorial that will show how to play a slap triplets lick that is used by all the greats. Yes, Marcus Miller, Vitor Wooten, Mark King and many more all use this simple lick every time they do it. Trust me, it turns more than a few heads in the audience."

For beginners, Richardson is very encouraging. "Out of all the instruments seen in most genres, including rock, pop, or jazz groups, the electric bass guitar is generally the easiest to start playing right from the start. Unlike the 5-string guitar, which often requires multiple notes and difficult memorization of chords, the bass guitar many times has longer rhythms and only a single note. For this reason, it can be simple to pick up and play songs you've heard on the radio and already enjoy, even if you're a beginner. This helps a great deal with motivation and makes learning and mastering the bass guitar a lot more fun, not to mention less frustrating. With our amazing slap bass lesson, students are able to get started in as little as three minutes."

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