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OnlineClock.net Goes Binary for Brainiacs


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2012 -- From the popular television show “The Big Bang Theory” and the Oscar-winning movie “The Social Network” to a spike in sales of black-rimmed glasses, it is clear a popular trend is sweeping the U.S. and the world. The public perception of the stereotypical “nerd” has quickly turned from geek to chic.

Even products and concepts once considered geeky--including technology--have made the shift to mainstream. Simply put, these days it is cool to be smart!

And now, brainiacs can add to their list of gadgets and gizmos with the new, free online binary clock from OnlineClock.net. Based on the binary numeral system, the internet-based clock can be viewed on the site and customized with different color backgrounds and to a variety of sizes. Allowing people to wake up with a mental math exercise, another new binary timekeeper can also be used as a binary time alarm clock.

For years, binary clocks have been the symbol of true nerdiness. Whether or not a person could read one was used as a test of intelligence. But now, people interested in learning a new, more fun way to tell time can perform a simple online search and join in the wave of people using a more intellectual way to read the time of day.

The newest binary online clock from OnlineClock.net displays the hours, minutes and seconds using three sets of six columns to represent zeros and ones. As the seconds tick by, the numbers change and allow viewers to utilize their analytical skills to determine the meaning.

According to a representative from OnlineClock.net, “We gladly cultivate a computer geek image and thought it would be fun to add a nerdy twist to the traditional clock. Our new free binary clock and alarm clock gives people the opportunity to show off their computer while making sure they stay on time!”

OnlineClock.net features another binary online clock with a more traditional display of three stacked columns of six. This version uses sphere-shaped lights that blink on and off as the seconds, minutes and hours tick by, allowing viewers to again utilize their arithmetic skills to determine the time.

The site also offers an assortment of other clocks, alarm clocks and countdown timers, including: a video alarm clock, a military time alarm clock, an analog alarm clock, a countdown timer, countdowns to popular holidays, various online stopwatches and online timers.

For more information on the numerous clocks offered for free by Online Clock, visit http://OnlineClock.net/about/

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