Online Doggy Trainer Shares the Effective Tips in Dog Training as a Way to Prevent Biting and Mouthing


Jacksonville, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2015 -- Taking care and being a master of a dog of whatever breed is a huge responsibility, a lot of hard work and involves a great deal of patience. Most puppies are just so adorable that people get amazed by whatever they do, but dog owners have to understand that teaching and training dogs to be well-mannered should start while they are still on their young age otherwise, like children they could grow up to be really stubborn as they age.

A matter of fact is that most puppies could not get through the day without playing, chewing and biting on things as well as exploring their territory; and these are but normal behaviors from dogs. They use their mouth and paws in almost anything they do, not knowing that they could hurt or harm people when they play a little rough. Puppies most of all have the sharpest teeth and when they play with humans, they most often chew on and bite on people's hands, limbs and clothes. People may sometimes not realize this, but this could result to injuries. And because of this, it's a must for dog owners to train their puppies and research on effective ways on how to get a dog to stop biting.

The major goal of the dog training is to teach the dog to curb this behavior and to prevent him from biting people. Here are some of the effective tips and ways to teach every dog these must learn lessons:

- Bite inhibition. This is referred to as the capability or the ability of the dog to control his biting because of his understanding that the human skin is quite sensitive and because of this he could hurt people. When dogs are taught bite inhibition, it is most likely that they would not be biting hard on people even when they are just playing.

- One of the best ways to teach a dog to stop biting is to provide them with a chew bone or a toy especially when he attempts to chew on your hands or any part of the body.

- Avoid contact play with the dog as much as possible because they can really become aggressive when they are excited, but instead teach them to play tug of war using a tug rope or fetch using a ball or a stick.

- When a dog bites on the feet and ankle, the best thing to do is to stop moving because dogs would just keep biting when there is movement or resistance from you because they have that mentality that the person they are biting on is playing with them.

- It's always best to carry around small treats and toys just in case they start biting again, the dog owner would be able to distract the dog's attention from their biting habits.

- It is also a fact that dogs will bite if they are into situations where they are threatened, they are in pain, they are anxious, when they become too possessive of their masters and when there is presence of prey, like another dog. When these situations are avoided, then these adorable pets could be the most loving pet one can own and take care of.

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