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OnlineFaxService.com Launches to Help People Choose the Top Online Fax Provider


Fremont, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2012 -- W&D Industries, LLC has just launched the new site OnlineFaxService.com to help individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs choose the best online fax provider. The site provides a comprehensive selection of insightful articles geared toward comparing the many Internet fax services currently on the market. Site visitors can also learn about the many benefits of switching from traditional fax machines to Internet-based fax services.

The explosion of the Internet has heavily impacted the way in which businesses operate and communicate with clients, associates and customers. It has expanded the possibilities for advertising, marketing and sales and has broken down barriers allowing companies to connect with customers in new and exciting ways.

One of the transitions businesses are making, thanks to the Internet, is from traditional physical fax machines to online fax services, also referred to as Internet fax, digital fax, e-fax, cloud fax and email fax.

According to OnlineFaxService.com, online faxing provides companies a wide range of benefits over physical fax machines. The advantages of Internet faxing include convenience, security, remote accessibility, efficiency, copying to multiple recipients, storage and no carbon footprint as the process is paperless. Additionally, online faxing can save businesses a ton of money.

“Due to the fact that online faxing doesn’t require a user to pay for individual phone calls, but merely a one-off Internet and phone line charge, it is far cheaper than traditional faxing,” states OnlineFaxService.com. “Certainly for business users who intend to send a lot of faxes, particularly overseas, it is pretty much a no-brainer to utilise Internet faxing. Also, there is no need to shell out on physical items such as paper.”

But with the large number of available online fax systems and varying methods, it can be hard to know which one will provide the best service and offers the greatest return on investment.

OnlineFaxService.com features a list of the top rated online fax service providers. Site visitors can read a detailed plan review for each provider and see which ones offer free faxes, a free toll-free option, customer support, allow for multiple senders, keep phone numbers on file and send faxes via email. People can also see what each provider charges for a setup fee and which ones offer a free trial period.

For more information about the top online fax service providers, visit http://www.onlinefaxservice.com

About OnlineFaxService.com
Recently launched, OnlineFaxService.com provides a wide selection of information about online fax services providers. Run by W&D Industries, LLC, the site features a comparison chart of the top online fax services and offers the latest data about each to help customers make the most informed decision possible.'