Launches Free Function Modules for Everyday Use

Their QR code generator is yet another addition to the list of functions


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2015 -- Generating a QR code has become easier with the new functionality from It is a very simple tool that converts text, numbers, URLs, etc to a QR code within no time. The color can also be customized and once it is generated, it can be shared on social media or vcard. This way, others can save the information such as contact numbers, addresses and other details in their phone books without any hassles. Many online businesses can consider this place for all such requirements.

Since most of people use smart phones which have scanners and cameras, it is very convenient to share one's details using the QR code. Using this to share contact information with prospective clients has become quite a common practice. This QR code Generator available at the aforementioned website is free of cost and can be used by anyone with such a requirement.

This online entity is open to feedback. Anyone who has used their functions can mention their experiences on the dedicated tab for the same. The spokesperson at the website has assured that they are committed to providing timely answers to any mails regarding their free functions. Interested users can also create free accounts to access the website and the services therein. It is an interesting place with a lot of options.

The website says, "Once a unique code is generated, you have the option of scanning it by opening a website such as Facebook or using a vcard. Apart from this, there are multiple functions available such as weather forecast, world time, country code, standard conversion, etc. Since all of these are free, anyone can make the most of these from the site. Keeping our functions up to date is something which we strive to achieve."

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The website claims that they have an Australian web directory which can be very useful to find specific services in the country. There is information to be perused about QR codes as well so that users are aware of their usage. They are said to be genuine and safe. For more details on the other services, the URL is the one to browse.

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