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Costa Mesa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2013 -- Turning into gold what most businesses today utterly dread - the online negative review , Jamar James of Online Image Partner, Inc. says businesses should take a moment to laud contrary reviews. Why? Because every online nod by a customer can be an opportunity to show exceptional customer service. Just like in any arena there is a right way and a wrong way to approach a “negative” situation. Jamar James suggests a perspective that every review is a possible insight for operational improvements or red flags that systemic problems are afoot.

“The first step in defending reputations online is to know when someone is attacking it. That alone is a highly time consuming job in itself that we’re happy to do for business owners. The second step is establishing a strategy that will work when a negative comment appears on the internet.” said James. Always keeping in mind that quality of relationships trumps quantity of customers, James and his online marketing team at Online Image Partners, Inc. never underestimates the importance of their client’s customer service. To that end James suggests that when under attack, business owners should have an Online Management Plan to respond promptly, which will increase goodwill and undergird the online reputation management plan every business should have in place.

A hands on manager who expects the same out of his team, Jamar works with each of his clients to customize a solution that’s specific to their own online business needs. Using a two-part strategy he first includes a proprietary method for identifying how an audience is searching for his client known as the Market Research phase. Considering other key metrics such as competition levels Jamar and his online image team deduce what a client’s potential pit falls are. “This is the only way to be strategic. Too often companies promise the world and can’t deliver because they’re using a cookie cutter method. I tackle my client’s livelihood in a whole different manner. Every client is treated like they’re our only client.” said Jamar.

Tackling the second prong of the needful two-part strategy James and his team move into the Development and Distribution phase. In this phase media is comprised and delivered consistent with the gathered data and identified market.

Because potential online reputation problems will vary by business Jamar and his team identifies and monitors industry specific websites. Because online reviews and social recommendations are a growing part of the sales conversion process - reporting that three out of four people consider online reviews as reliable as word-of-mouth recommendations, the Online Image Partner team uses them as a powerful free advertising tool.

Continually staying abreast of the virtual buzz Online Image Partners, Inc. offers a free plan to monitor what is being said on the web about their clients. The plan includes a free alert which monitors online news, groups, videos and blogs for the client’s indicated keywords for substantial ongoing market research.

Jamar James is a Top Fortune 500 consultant offering his services to a variety of industries. He has been and still is, a consultant for recognizable companies such as Allergan, BestBuy, Black and Decker and a variety of successful self-employed high profile clients. Additionally Jamar James has held multiple technical marketing positions in the online arena. He started Online Image Partner in 2009 after selling ItrackBiz and relocating to California . Jamar James works for Online Image Partner, as a freelance consultants on an as needed basis.

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