Joe Bragg Uses Tough Economic Times to Spearhead Freelance Revolution


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2012 -- With rising unemployment and no end to the global recession in sight, more and more people are finding themselves without the means to make ends meet. Online Money Making is a new website that has been launched to help people explore the possibility of making money online, either to help stem the flow and help pay bills while searching for new employment or to create a new future as a freelancer.

Online Money Making introduces itself with high quality, editorialized content giving an introduction, overview, and how-to for using the site. In the sidebar, information is provided about April, an internet marketer who founded the site to provide helpful advice on taking those daunting first steps into freelancing with a view to helping the unemployed make money online.

The site then has a “Methods” page which can be used to find different helpful suggestions such as making money blogging through selling advertising space on sites, making money online using search engine optimization, and money-making through selling products online. Each of the sub-categories comes with its own high quality original content explaining the recommended process by which to start bringing in dollars.

There is also a “Resources” page listing the best places to go to minimize start-up expenditure and other useful tips and tricks to making the money-making process as swift and easy as possible.

The site also reviews online forums for SEO knowledge-bases that can teach people most of what they will need to know to start operating an SEO service, recommending the best places to start up-skilling.

April had this to say of her creation, “Even after 6 years of working in internet marketing, I still clearly remember the feeling I had when I started out- that the internet was too big and too intimidating to take on and try and carve out my slice of it, but the digital market really is big enough for everyone, so I want to encourage those who have been made redundant or are looking to supplement their income with extra freelance work on the side to do just that, while avoiding the many pitfalls first-timers sometimes fall into.”

About Online Money Making
Online Money Making’s main goal is to help people who are out of work in this economy to make money online. The sites creator has been involved in internet marketing for 6 years would like to share that knowledge with people, and help them overcome any obstacles they may have, and all for free. For more information, please visit: