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‘OnlineTypingGames.org’ Helps People of All Ages Sharpen Their Typing Skills With Fun and Free Games


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2012 -- No matter what career someone chooses to do, learning how to type properly is an absolute must. Computers are so prevalent these days that everyone—from physicians to teachers to lawyers and accountants—will typically spend at least a few hours a day at a keyboard, typing up letters, documents, and much more.

Traditionally, learning to type or working on typing skills has usually been a pretty tedious task, involving hours on the computer doing repetitious exercises that are supposed to improve speed and accuracy.

A website has been creating a lot of buzz recently for its wide selection of free online typing games that can help people of all ages become better typists and have a lot of fun—all at the same time.

OnlineTypingGames.org features the top typing games online. The website is updated weekly with the latest challenges, so people who are working on their typing skills will always get the chance to practice on the most current games around.

“Whether you are a young kid at school, or a grownup that could use some help in improving your computer skills, or a teacher who wants to make her typing lessons fun, engaging, and effective, OnlineTypingGames.org is the gaming website you simply have to check out,” an article on the website said, adding that the free typing games promise to make training and honing of typing skills both entertaining and effective.

The website is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate for both adults and children. Those who are unsure which typing games to try first may wish to check out the Top 10 Online Typing Games, which are featured in the upper right hand corner of the home page.

Currently topping the list is Fast Typer 2, a simple typing game that will help improve both speed and accuracy with its simple graphics, rules, and goal: to type as many words possible in 30 seconds. It might sound easy, but with each typo deducting a second from the possible time, typists need to pay close attention while going as fast as possible.

Other popular games on the website include Jumping Caterpillar, Key Master 3, Clockwords, and many many more. Every game comes with both instructions and a walkthrough, making it easy for visitors to the site to spend hours keeping busy and entertained playing the free typing games, all while working to improve a necessary skill.

About OnlineTypingGames.org
OnlineTypingGames.org features the top typing games online, perfect for anyone looking to improve their typing skills and accuracy through fun and free games. OnlineTypingGames.org showcases a variety of typing games designed to make practicing typing an entertaining experience. The site is updated weekly with the newest free typing games. For more information, please visit http://onlinetypinggames.org