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Only 4% Women Consider Themselves Beautiful – But Better Lingerie Could Lead to Change


Colne, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2016 -- A Dove Survey has drawn attention to the rather shocking statistic that only 4% of women think of themselves as beautiful. This suggests that many women lack important body-confidence especially when it comes to their own image. After all, the same survey showed that about 80% of those surveyed believed that every woman had something to feel beautiful about – but this did not seemingly equate to people feeling beautiful in themselves. This emphasizes issues of self-confidence and insecurities in appearance affecting women in a big way -issues expected to come under increased address going into 2016.

It could be deemed as an important incentive to encourage more women to appreciate and recognize their own beauty. Believing in self-beauty can be a key source of optimism and result in improved mood, increased interaction with others and improved productivity: important in both home and work environments.

A lack of self-confidence amongst women is often appropriated to the negative influences of media – such as television and magazines – which can be perceived to push unrealistic standards for female appearances. However, the growing attention paid to the Dove survey, as well as related findings, have increased calls for businesses to push for positive body awareness. A key example involved in this is Lux Lingerie, a provider of a range of underwear options with an extensive online selection.

A spokesperson had this to say:

"It is upsetting that only 4% of women think of themselves as beautiful; as every person deserves to celebrate their body. That's why, here at Lux Lingerie, we are proud to provide a wide selection of flattering underwear – suitable for a range of sizes and fittings. Good underwear champions the female body; something we believe is important going into 2016 and in turn boosting the prospect of more women feeling positive about themselves. The knock-on advantage for home and business relationships could be significant too; as confidence means performance."

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