Only the Benefits, None of the Bulk, the Loop Wallet Has It All

A convenient, safe alternative to traditional wallets


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2015 -- Personal possessions such as wallets can sometimes be a nuisance than be useful simply because the way these wallets are designed comes in the way of comfort and convenience. With so many years of struggling with bulky wallets that weigh a person down, a solution has finally arrived! Cheers to the new 'Loop Wallet', wallet woes can be put to rest.

What the Loop Wallet does is take a nagging problem and offer a very simply solution to it. The loop that is attached to the wallet enables the user to secure the wallet to any of the belt buckles of a trouser. This makes sure the wallet sits inside the trouser as opposed to the outside which is usually why a wallet sticks out. As a result, the wallet does not add any bulk and is also safe as it is secured as close to the person as it can be with the help of a loop.

As the loop helps tether the wallet to the person using it, they become virtually inseparable. In other words, the wallet is never forgotten.

The loop wallet can easily be called a 'Busy Man's' wallet because it has all the features that one needs to keep the stress of handling a traditional wallet away. In addition to having a practical design, the wallet also has RFID protection which means identity thieves won't get anything from these wallets no matter how hard they try.

The loop wallet is slim, sleek and is made of genuine leather. Customers can also get their initials engraved on the wallet and customized it to meet their fancy.

About the Loop Wallet
The Loop Wallet comes from the drawing boards of Ewald Willibald, Oliver Rauch and Thomas Modl. This ultra-useful wallet which took 12 years to perfect, makes carrying an otherwise bulky wallet, easy convenient and safe.

The loop makes all the difference as it helps hold the wallet in place and also ensures the wallet is never left unattended. It holds a wide variety of credit cards including social security card and driver's license. Its slim portfolio makes the wallet a great choice for the modern day commuter who wants less bulk and more use from his personal items.

The wallet ships worldwide and is now available at an all-time low introductory price. To place an order, please click on the link, http://www.the-loop-wallet.com

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