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OnPar Technologies Expands Services Helping Companies Improve Technology Strategies

27% of small businesses have no IT support. OnPar Technologies is showcasing their services at http://www.onpartech.com/ to help all companies gain access to the technology they need.


Durham, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2015 -- According to data collected by the Small and Medium Business Group, nearly thirty percent of small businesses operate each day without proper IT support. In this digital age, such an outage without support can be devastating for a company. Technology not only plays such a large role in helping business owners and their employees to remain productive and efficient, but not having access to the right technology can hinder a company's ability to innovate and stay ahead of the curve in their market.

The good news is businesses are not doomed to a meager existence simply because they cannot afford to hire dedicated IT staff. Instead, OnPar Technologies, a company providing IT Outsourcing and Computer Support in Durham, NC, is here to help business owners take their companies to the next level with technological solutions that fit both their budget and their needs.

Jeremy McParlan, President & CEO of OnPar Technologies, states, "It's difficult for businesses to operate without proper technological infrastructure. However, we know many businesses, especially small businesses, can't afford to hire dedicated IT staff to advise them on these matters. This is where the value of working with a company like OnPar Tech lies. Instead of resigning themselves to not having what they need, we can help create a technology acquisition plan that is tailored to their budget."

McParlan explains, "OnPar's LeaseOn "technology as a service" program helps business owners eliminate capital costs associated with purchasing hardware while allowing them to take advantage of ongoing tax benefits. Our business model helps companies maintain their competitive edge with updated technology but still gives them much needed flexibility, all at a budget-friendly cost."

McParlan also wants business owners to know, "OnPar doesn't simply lease hardware to a business and then leave them on their own to figure things out. Our team is partnership-focused, and our Managed Services in Raleigh-Durham are available to business owners on every step of their journey. We are proactive about maintenance and monitoring, keeping our eye on potential problems and failures and putting a stop to them before they affect business operations. Our technicians track hardware usage and can help business owners adjust infrastructure as their needs expand. Every year, we take the time to review a company's business plan and align their technology strategy with that plan so that they are never without what they need to succeed."

OnPar Technologies' ultimate goal is to help business owners take their company to new heights. "We know that stagnant technology and a lack of IT support can really hinder business expansion, and we don't want any of our clients to be stuck in that scenario. As OnPar partners with business owners, we can work together to figure out how to best utilize technological solutions to drive business growth and development."

About OnPar Technologies
As a company, OnPar Technologies provides technology services to businesses of all sizes. Their unique approach to business technology lies in creating partnerships with their clients. Through these trusted partnerships, OnPar is able to help businesses create a tailored plan to take advantage of technological opportunities and fill gaps in their current infrastructure.