Onsearch Interactive Solutions Announces the Benefits of Using Microsoft Sharepoint for a Business


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- All office collaboration would take place in a single room. That way, team members could share and edit their work without any delay or confusion. Unfortunately, many of today’s businesses are spread out over cities and even countries, making it difficult for employees to work together and complete projects. And unless the organization counts the favorite mall’s food court, there aren’t many places where local and international stations can sit at the same table. Considering the situation, Onsearch Interactive Solutions shared the benefits of using Microsoft Sharepoint, which are as follows;

- Microsoft SharePoint is a software platform that allows a person to:
- Create & manage intranet portals
- Manage document & files
- Search for info
- Collaborate within and outside of the organization
- Automate business process through workflows & electronic forms
- Have business intelligence through dashboads
- Have social network functionality within the company
- Have external websites

“It’s like having a global network share on one computer, just with more elbow room. And if 75% of Fortune 500 companies are using SharePoint maybe you should too.” said a spokesperson from Onsearch Interactive Solutions.

The shared drives of many business servers resemble those closets one sees in movies, the ones with random clutter that spill out and bury anyone unlucky enough to open the door. It’s all too easy to misplace or rename files when there are no controls over how important documents are shared. Before long, you end up with a confusing and ultimately useless drive full of shared work. However, Microsoft SharePoint gives you the tools to create special web sites for projects or departments allowing team members to easily add, edit, and manage group files. Use of these intranet portals can be limited so only relevant groups or departments have access to pertinent files.

It’s hard enough for team members to interact when they’re separated by one floor. But what if the members of the team live in separate countries? SharePoint gives the ability to establish Document Workspaces, where team members can edit each other’s contributions or chat in an offline discussion board. With SharePoint, conference calls and confusing mass e-mails are a
thing of the past.

SharePoint has the power to create intelligent workflows to perform many menial tasks without much of help, allowing one to focus on the more fun parts of his job. For example, one can use a workflow to overhaul his document approval process. After he has designated a few simple workflow commands, SharePoint will automatically send the file and an e-mail to approvers notifying them of their task. Once the approvers sign off on the file, SharePoint will send a notification e-mail back to the sender. It is a neat process, especially since a person was getting some quality putting practice in his office the entire time.

The SharePoint experts at OSI can help. Like SharePoint, Onsearch Interactive Solutions is in the business of giving the clients technological tools they need to grow a business and strengthen the communication, both with his customers and employees.

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