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Ontario Teen Author Announces Launch of Ground-Breaking Debut Novel

Having been inspired by his Mother’s unfortunate car accident, seventeen year-old Brandon Petryna put pen to paper and indulged in a passion. Following over a year of diligent work, the Cambridge-based teen is now announcing the official launch of his debut novel.


Cambridge, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2012 -- Every young boy has dreams of making it big in the world; from becoming a pilot to a police officer. However, for one young Ontarian, the future is poised to boast a stunning literary career.

Seventeen year-old Brandon Petryna had high hopes of chasing every boy’s dream to fly. That was until he penned the first half of a compelling story that changed his life forever.

Now, over a year later, Petryna is delighted to announce the launch of ‘Prophetic’, the first book in his planned ‘Nightmares’ trilogy.

“The story was inspired by my mother's car accident which had left her struggling with chronic pain,” Petryna explains. He continues, “After completing my manuscript I hired an Editor and went through the self-publishing process. To my surprise, the media came running and my home town of Cambridge nurtured a genuine buzz about the book.”

With literary success now firmly in his hands, Petryna has his life mapped out, quite literally, on paper.

“Prophetic has been a real hit, something I never imaged. Therefore, I fully intend to continue my calling of writing books and providing the world with exciting new stories that they crave,” he adds.

His first novel has become an instant hit among all ages. With a captivating synopsis, it is easy to see why:

Riley Orel, a photographer from the gloomy city of Fallsdale, stands alone in the forest, struggling to recall how she arrived there. She knows the beast is coming for her. Her eyes flicker in every direction. As the beast commands Riley to let him in, she awakens with a start, wondering if she will ever sleep normally again. After weeks of being plagued by chronic nightmares of a cloaked creature murdering unrecognizable people, she is starting to question her sanity-only to find that some of her nightmares are turning into horrible realities.

Now at mortal risk by the creatures brought to life by her petrifying delusions, Riley is abducted by a clandestine society of protectors hidden within a seemingly impoverished community. Held captive in a world veiled from the naked eye, Riley soon learns that the Valley of Hay is not the only thing these protectors have been hiding. In the midst of crippling psychological distress and unanswerable questions regarding her own identity, Riley witnesses fantastic abominations and must choose to either trust in her captors or brave the trials of escape.

In this gripping fantasy tale, a struggle ensues between supernatural forces as Riley bravely faces a horde of demons, sorcerers, and a dark force determined to keep her from ever returning home.

“I have had heaps of positive feedback form readers aged thirteen to fifty seven. There are two more exciting books in the works – and who knows where my literary career will take me!” Petryna says.

With plenty of exciting releases to come, the course of success sees Petryna and his imagination firmly at the helm.

Prophetic, published by iUniverse.com, is available now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Indigo. Electronic format versions can be purchased from Kobo Books.

To find out more, please visit the author’s official website: http://www.brandonpetryna.com

About the Author: Brandon Petryna
Brandon Petryna was born in Cornwall, Ontario before he moved to Cambridge, Ontario at seven. Having experienced a divorce and having to cope with the effect of his Mother’s accident, Petryna found solace in writing.

He is now in the midst of publishing an exciting fiction trilogy – ‘Nightmares’.