Ontario's Professional School of Music & Art

Ontario's Professional School of Music & Art Students Gets Highest Awards at the Kiwanis Music Fest


Mississauga, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2012 -- Continuing their excellence in music and arts over the last 2 years, the students of Ontario's Professional School of Music & Art won the highest awards at the Kiwanis Music festival of greater Toronto, concluded earlier this month. The school management also announced year long admission and private classes to reach a larger audience.

"Ontario's Professional School of Music & Art is the leading Mississauga Music School largely due to the excellent teaching staff and professional process and schooling. The awards by us, students are the testimony of that culture and process." said Stephanie Nguyen a student at the school in an interview after winning her gold medal at the 2011 Kiwanis Music Festival.

The school has announced year round admission and piano classes for preschool children between the ages of 4-6.Answering our questions about the courses offered Ms. Abigail Pelletier said "We teach many instruments including piano, guitar, violin, drums, saxophone and the flute. We also teach vocal music, harmony and theory. To encapsulate the school has become synonymous with Music Lessons Mississauga thanks to the national recognition." In all the school students has won 10 Gold medals, 1 Silver medal and 4 Bronze medals at Kiwanis and Peel festivals over the last 2 years.

"Students can also earn extra credits at schools by taking music lessons. Piano lessons have been found to be the favorite among students" said Ms. Pelletier, when asked about the greater number of awards in Piano. "Our program - Piano Lessons Mississauga is preferred by students new to music to learn proper technique and an in-depth knowledge of music in general, since it gives greater opportunities to develop sense of composition and music talent. The popularity has translated into more awards."She adds.

The other popular course at OPSMA has been Guitar Lessons in Mississauga, The school specializes in teaching both acoustic and electric guitar. "Students that like listening to rock n roll and old school rock music generally prefer guitars to any other instruments. Though not as popular as Piano, we do have an excellent program nevertheless. “She quoted.

About Ontario's Professional School of Music & Art
Ontario's Professional School of Music & Art is one of the leading Music and Art school based out of Mississauga, Ontario. The school has gained national recognition for excellence in coaching in Piano, Guitar, Flute and Voice; having won notable awards in major Canadian music festivals.

If you’d like more information about Ontario's Professional School of Music & Art or to schedule a meeting or an interview with the Management of Ontario's Professional School of Music & Art, please contact Abigail Pelletier via email at admin@musicschoolmississaugapage.com