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Onychomycosis Market Trends, Growth Drivers, Size and 2020 Forecasts Report


Pune, Maharashtra -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2017 -- The report entitled "The US Onychomycosis Market", provides analysis of the US onychomycosis market, with detailed analysis of market size and growth, market share and economic impact of the industry. The analysis includes the market by value, by volume and by segments. The report also includes the detailed analysis of the segments of the onychomycosis market, comprising of market by value, by volume and by average prices.

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Furthermore, the report also assesses the key opportunities in the market and outlines the factors that are and will be driving the growth of the industry. Growth of the overall onychomycosis market of the US has also been forecasted, taking into consideration the previous growth patterns, the growth drivers and the current and future trends.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Anacor Pharmaceuticals, Novartis AG and Johnson & Johnson are some of the key players operating in the US onychomycosis market, whose company profiling has been done in the report. In this segment of the report, business overview, financial overview and business strategies of the companies are provided.

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Company Coverage of Onychomycosis Market: Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Anacor Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson & Novartis AG

Onychomycosis is a condition of fungal nail infection. Onychomycosis begins in the nail bed and progresses to the nail plate, causing the nail to become discolored, deformed, and even separated from the nail bed. Onychomycosis has a significant chance of reoccurrence. Of all the nail abnormalities in the world, around 50% are the case of onychomycosis. In most of the cases it occurs in the toenails. Onychomycosis is not a life threatening disease but, may persist or worsen if not treated. Symptoms of onychomycosis are changes in appearance of the nail, interference with standing, walking, and exercising, pain, discomfort, etc. The causative pathogens of onychomycosis include dermatophytes (most common), Candida, and nondermatophytic molds.

There are five types of Onychomycosis: Distal Subungual Onychomycosis, White superficial onychomycosis, Proximal subungual onychomycosis, Endonyx onychomycosis and Candidal onychomycosis. Two types of treatments are available of onychomycosis: Oral Treatment and Topical Treatment. Oral treatment includes: Terbinafine, Itraconazole, etc. and topical treatment includes Kerydin, Jublia, etc. Nonpharmacologic approaches are also there, which includes the following: Laser treatment, Photodynamic therapy, etc.

The US onychomycosis market (prescription drugs) has increased with a healthy growth rate over the years and is expected to increase further during the forecasted period. The US onychomycosis market is supported by various growth drivers, such as rising per capita healthcare expenditure, increasing diabetic patients, ageing population, introduction of new drugs, etc. Yet, the market faces certain challenges, such as, reimbursements, low awareness, side effects, etc.

Major Points from Table of Contents (http://www.marketreportsonline.com/491816-toc.html) provided in The US Onychomycosis Market: Size, Trends & Forecasts 2020:

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction
2.1 Onychomycosis: An Overview
2.1.1 Signs and Symptoms
2.1.2 Causes of Onychomycosis
2.2 Types of Onychomycosis
2.3 Treatment For Onychomycosis

3. US Market Analysis
3.1 US Onychomycosis Market by Prevalence
3.1.1 US Onychomycosis Market by Prevalence
3.1.2 US Onychomycosis Market Prevalence by Segments
3.2 US Nail Care Market: An Analysis
3.2.1 US Nail Care Market by Value
3.2.2 US Nail Care Market by Segments
3.2.3 US Nail Care Market Value by Major Drugs
3.2.4 US Nail Care Market Volume by Major Drugs
3.3 US Kerydin Drug Market: An Anlalysis
3.3.1 US Kerydin Drug Market by Value
3.3.2 US Kerydin Drug Market by Volume
3.3.3 US Kerydin Drug Market by Average Price
3.4 US Jublia Drug Market: An Analysis
3.4.1 US Jublia Drug Market by Value
3.4.2 US Jublia Drug Market by Volume
3.4.3 US Jublia Drug Market by Average Price
3.5 US Generic Drugs Market: An Analysis
3.5.1 US Generic Drugs Market by Value

4. Market Dynamics
4.1 Growth Drivers
4.1.1 Rising Per-capita Healthcare Expenditure
4.1.2 Increasing Diabetic Patients
4.1.3 Aging Population
4.1.4 Increasing Prevalence of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)
4.2 Challenges
4.2.1 Reimbursement
4.2.2 Low Awareness
4.2.3 Side Effects
4.3 Market Trends
4.3.1 Estimated Market for MOB-015
4.3.2 Treatment Comparison
4.3.3 Alternative Treatment
4.3.4 Onychomycosis in Children

5. Competitive Landscape
5.1 Competition in Onychomycosis Prescription Market: An Overview
5.2 Financial Comparison of Major Players of the US Onychomycosis Market

6. Company Profiling

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