Oogave's Organic Health Drinks with Natural Sweeteners Are Great for the Diet Conscious


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2013 -- In the recent times, there has been a great rise in the demand of organic foods and healthy drinks. Apart from people suffering from diabetes, BP, heart diseases, obesity and other conditions,there has been an increasing demand of low fat drinks from fitness conscious people who willingly opt for these health products.

Earlier honey was considered as the only substitute for sugar, however, with constant research natural sweetener like Stevia, truvia, maple and agave are being used in organic drinks instead of sugar. These organic drinks apart from being low on calories are healthy too as they contain no chemical and preservatives. These healthy drinks are also becoming popular over the normal soft drinks available in the market as one does not require to compromise on the taste and satisfaction levels.

Truvia a non-caloric sweetener is derived from natural sugar that exists in fruits; Stevia is extracted from a plant belonging to the sunflower family and is 250 times sweeter than the table sugar, maple and agave are also natural sweeteners also belonging to various species of plants and are commonly used in low calorie products in place of sugar.

Since, the knowledge of the natural sweeteners is limited amongst a commoner, it is advisable that one must opt for organic beverages and should not be misled by the claims of low fat drinks as most of the low fat drinks in the market are made of aspartame, sucralose, saccharin and acesulfamek those are artificial sweeteners. Continuous intake of artificial sweeteners can lead to other health problem that is the reason why natural sweeteners are always considered to be a safe bet.

Shifting to low fat drinks those are organic including diet soda is always a good option. Various renowned organic food and beverages manufacturers are offering special energy and soft drinks to be enjoyed by the fitness conscious people and patients without worrying about the calorie intake.

About Oogave.com
Oogave is a renowned brand that makes organic health drinks. Started as a small venture to offer quality organic drinks to the customers today, the Oogave products are available in natural grocery stores and restaurants supporting organic products all across 50 states. With their constant research and up gradation of their products, the brand has created a niche for itself in its arena. The latest addition in the Oogave family is all natural diet cola- Loca that is becoming a rage amongst organic drink lovers.

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