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EMX Inc.'s OPAX-1000 Opacity Sensor for Packaging & More


Cleveland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2013 -- The OPAX-1000 opacity sensor from EMX Industries, Inc., is a fantastic tool for high-speed, on-line, accurate and reliable measurements of product opacity. From pharmaceutical containers and food packaging, to personal care products, composite films, and HDPE or LDPE containers, the lengthy list of applications and uses for this invaluable sensor -- one of many industry leading sensors produced by EMX Inc. -- proves both its versatility and effectiveness.

EMX's OPAX-1000 combines the proven, field-tested sensor technology with innovative hardware, resulting in an easy-to-use system which is able to measure light transmission through product packaging or containers.

Users establish a pass/fail criteria for minimum opacity, and the sensor is able to provide hassle-free, on-line measurement. With this real-time quality control, defects can be swiftly eliminated and various mistakes and inconveniences can be avoided, improving not just quality, but also efficiency.

The real world applications for this are nearly endless. Just a few examples of usages from clients working with EMX Industries include helping to protect a product from light degradation by ensuring packaging is not allowing light through; keeping uneven fill lines invisible to consumers; measuring turbidity in water treatment applications through the light reflected back by particulates; and verifying consistency with continuous film manufacturing.

With the OPAX-1000, Relative Opacity Units are displayed from 0 to 99, offering a unique and simple numerical output for set-up and ongoing usage. The sensor includes both a discrete PNP/NPN output and an analog output which may be used to access the relative opacity of samples.

The detection speed of the OPAX-1000 is also unrivaled by the competition, offering a 100 microsecond discrete output response. When the sensor receives too much light back from a product with low opacity, the red LED of the discrete output instantaneously flashes. Every container or product will be monitored in real-time with unbeatable consistency and accuracy, and low opacity or defective containers can be instantly found and removed.

There are also a variety of readily adjustable settings and configurations, allowing the OPAX-1000 to be tailor-made for each and every application.

This includes manual setting of the detection threshold level, user sensitivity adjustments, three levels of light source intensity and adjustable gain. The OPAX-1000 opacity sensor has a small spot size and a sensing distance of up to 300 mm, along with adjustable brackets for quick set-up and integration into existing processes.

Laser-Mark position sensor indicates when a container is positioned for measurement and minimum output periods can also be set, ensuring nothing is ever missed, and the packaging process never slows down.

Teach mode allows an auto-set for detection threshold, while a hysteresis undetect level can be set from one to nine steps below threshold. The buttons can even be locked for security.

All of this is found in one conveniently sized, easy to work with sensor showcasing rugged construction which can survive the rigors of any packaging or assembly line environment thanks to a metal alloy case and sturdy glass lens.

Ultimately, the OPAX-1000 is accurate, feature-rich and versatile, and will make nearly any packaging or container product control process more efficient and effective.

EMX is an industry leader for producing industrial sensors and access controls of all kind. The OPAX-1000 opacity sensor is simply one of many wonderful products which help businesses of all sizes, and with varying needs, save money while increasing productivity, efficiency and accuracy, and all-around performance and results.

A few of their industry-leading products include the ColorMax-1000 line of color sensors, the UVX-100 and the UVX-300 series of luminescence sensors, along with a wide range of additional options including brightness sensors, contrast sensors, color mark sensors, label sensors, light measurement sensors, and much more.

Learn more about the OPAX-1000 opacity sensor from EMX Industries by visiting EMXInc.com. Full product specifications and details are available, as well as a product demonstration video, and complete lists of applications and controls.

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