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Open Aire Affairs Is Now Offering the Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse as One of Their Wedding Venues in Philadelphia, PA


Newtown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2013 -- Open Aire Affairs is excited to announce that they are now offering The Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse as one of their outdoor wedding venues in Philadelphia, PA. The Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse, which is situated in East Fairmount Park, was opened over 100 years ago, and is a gorgeous 24,000 square foot playhouse that was constructed primarily as a play space for children.

The event planners at Open Aire Affairs realize just how spectacular an outdoor wedding can be, especially if the bride and groom are of the outdoorsy type. In fact, nothing can beat the sunshine—or not, and natural setting of an outdoor wedding site such as The Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse. A Best of Philly 2008 Winner, The Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse is truly one of Philadelphia’s city treasures, and is also one of the most unique wedding venues that Philadelphia can offer to those who are seeking and urban outdoor wedding.

With Open Aire Affairs, an outdoor wedding is tempting as most locations like The Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse are also available for a great low price. Also, if a bride and groom are not ready for the possibility of bad weather or aggravating flying insects, then it will be ideal to visit the venue during certain times throughout the year in order to determine which season is the most opportune to schedule the wedding.

The Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse itself is a magnificent 3 story mansion that is surrounded by terraces and porches that overlook the property, as well as Fairmount Park. With stylish dual staircases, large windows, and charming woodwork, this location is ideal for any wedding ceremony or reception. Leave guests in awe while attending a wedding at one of the most picturesque, romantic—yet relaxed outdoor locations in Philadelphia. With Open Aire Affairs event planners eager and ready to assist any bride or groom with their event planning, there is no better time than now to get a wedding planned in 2013.

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Along with reliable planning and venue services, Open Aire Affairs also boasts a vast inventory. They have more than 15 sizes and types of tables, hundreds of colors and designs of fabrics along with utensils and tableware that come in a variety of designs. In all, if a client needs anything for an event, Open Aire Affairs has it.

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