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Open Aire Affairs Is Now Planning Weddings for Spring 2013


Newtown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2013 -- Philadelphia wedding location provider, Open Aire Affairs, is now helping plan weddings for any bride and groom for a Spring 2013 wedding. Weddings can be expensive affairs, and today, the average cost can be anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 and more, depending on how extravagant the bride and groom want to be. Most of the time, the reception is where the cost of a wedding skyrockets. Therefore, if a bride and groom need to be consulted on where and how to hold their wedding, the professional event planners who work at Open Aire Affairs will now be able to help. Even if the wedding needs to be planned as early as the upcoming Spring, Open Aire Affairs now has the services and venues that will prove to be of the best worth.

Many wedding locations in Philadelphia are one or the other—expensive or inexpensive. Potential clients who are looking to hire Open Aire Affairs for a Philadelphia wedding can rest assured that if they hire the company, they will be receiving the services of one that will be able to meet any budget. What’s more, their event planning professionals will also be sure to plan the entirety of a wedding, and keep it below budget. With Open Aire Affairs help any bride, groom, or other event planner will be able to have a glamorous wedding with all of the amenities required and that either meets or is under budget.

Weddings can turn out to be expensive if they are planned with an inexperienced company of event planners. However, if a bride and groom desire to keep their event under budget and still have a spectacular spring wedding, they should contact the professionals at Open Aire Affairs to get their wedding planned the best way it can be as soon as possible.

About Open Aire Affairs
Along with reliable planning and venue services, Open Aire Affairs also boasts a vast inventory. They have more than 15 sizes and types of tables, hundreds of colors and designs of fabrics along with utensils and tableware that come in a variety of designs. In all, if a client needs anything for an event, Open Aire Affairs has it.

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