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Open and Free Medical Supply Marketplace Connects Buyers and Sellers


Snellville, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- Today’s modern age of online shopping brought convenience to a whole new level since people can buy their needed items right at the comfort of their own homes. Consumers can now buy virtually everything with a single click.

This development resulted to the availability of online medical supplies like in the case of mediPx. Lisa Jeremiah of mediPx, LLC introduces the online store selling medical and health-related products. “We are now in the age where internet shopping is the most convenient way. mediPx is an online store where everyone can buy their needed products for fitness and other medical essentials,” says Jeremiah.

Free and Open Website

mediPx is a free and open website selling medical equipment designed for fitness and other health related products. The open website is free to access for everyone wanting to buy these items. In addition to free access, shoppers can also buy items by signing up at no cost. This makes shopping more encouraging for everyone needing these items. Visit to see several products sold at mediPx.

A Portal for Everyone

“Online shopping sites are almost always the same,” Jeremiah continues. “However, mediPx is more than just being an online store. It is a portal where buyers and sellers come together. Sellers can sign up, whether they are individuals or companies, and sell medical equipment for every potential buyer.”

Aside from selling products, members can also put their items in auction at mediPx. They can auction equipment and other medical supplies that can be useful for other buyers. The same auction process applies and auctioneers can monitor the price offers for their items.

Shopping Experience at Its Best

The online marketplace connects every seller and buyer, but it also extends remarkable shopping experience with its platform. It utilizes an easy-to-use e-commerce platform beneficial for everyone. Shoppers can buy medical equipment with ease while it makes product listing simpler for sellers.

Shopping starts by signing up at the website. Signing up is easy by using an active email address and shipping address. Once registered, shipping details will be stored within the platform, allowing shoppers to save time in typing in their address for their purchases. Customers also have a choice to buy used medical equipment or get brand new items offered by sellers.

Sellers and auctioneers can also start promoting their items by signing up. The same sign up process is the same for buyers. Sellers can offer new, used or refurbished medical supplies right on the website, ready for online shoppers to check. To learn more about how the buying and selling process works, visit

Shopping and selling new and used medical equipment is now easy. If you want to purchase or sell medical supplies, visit mediPx’s website at

About mediPx
Operating under mediPx, LLC, mediPx is an online store serving as a portal for medical equipment buyers and suppliers. Currently, it has numerous product options needed for health or medical-related services displayed through an easy to navigate e-commerce platform.

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