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Open IMAPI Seeks Funding to Burn CD/DVD/Blu-Ray with Android Devices

Open IMAPI plans to take a popular Windows application over to the Android platform making it an open source engine.


Malmö, Skåne län -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2013 -- A technology team based in Berlin, Germany, is appealing to the public for financial backing to help realize the goal of building a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray burner powered by Android devices. Open IMAPI are asking for €88,000 to develop the application programming interface (API) and USB driver which will be an open source engine for anybody who wishes to use it.

Image Mastering Application Interface (IMAPI) is already hugely popular and successful on Windows’ operating systems (OS); and open IMAPI aims to bring the technology to transfer data onto a disc to the Android community. The open source engine will benefit Android users, enabling them to store sensitive data on a disc rather than in a cloud or within the hard drive of mobile devices. While the developers have extensive experience with creating burners and a successful USB driver build beneath their belt, the process of developing the API and USB driver for Android devices is complicated. Ingo Foerster, technical leader and developer of Open IMAPI explains “Android platform runs not only on a number of different devices but also on several custom builds. So in order to develop an USB driver which would work on all Android systems, it is vital that we test it on a range of devices with several different burners and blank media to ensure smooth and successful development.”Ifoerster Development has contributed the free license of the FoxBurner SDK to use with the project, but Open IMAPI needs funding to help with the lengthy and complicated process of developing the open core engine to be compatible with all Android devices.

Those who back the project with monetary donations will receive gratitude in the form of various gifts. Donations of up to €50 will earn an investor an array of perks including stickers, thanks via social network sites and the Open IMAPI T-Shirt. For those able to offer between €800 and €10,000, a signed tablet or complete, free integration support for a company. All contributors will be provided with a voucher to get the Open IMAPI app free from the Play Store.

The overall aim of Open IMAPI is to provide security for Android users. “In addition to that, more and more tablets and smartphones holding sensitive data are used in the business fields, data which are not suitable for cloud storage.” Says Foerster. With Android being somewhat weaker than other OS when it comes to security, Open IMAPI offers an alternative solution to store data on CD/DVD or Blu-Ray. As a nonprofit initiative the end product will be available with code for anyone to use at will for free. The motto of Open IMAPI is “Donated by the public, Developed for the public”.

About Open IMAPI
Open IMAPI is made up from highly experienced professionals in the technology sector. They have 13 years of experience developing CD/DVD/Blu-Ray recording SDK. More information about the core engine can be found at www.indiegogo.com/projects/open-imapi-for-android